FOREST CITY — Saturday’s Owls game versus the Spartanburgers will be all about cancer awareness, cancer prevention, cancer and cancer survivors. Everyone who enters the park will receive a Strike Out cancer card to put down someone’s name they know who has been touched by cancer. At some point during the game, everyone in the park will hold up their sign in a moment of silence honoring that person. During the game, a silent auction will take place on Vintage Owls game shirts, and players Cancer Night game hats, to raise money to help fight cancer.

“We want to help raise money and awareness for the community, to help fight all types of cancer,” said Stephanie Blatnicky of the Owls. “All of us know someone, a relative, a friend, who has had cancer. We want to help.

The Owls and super Owls supporter Tony Tavernia will match the amount raised from the auction for a further donation. Tickets are on sale now at 138 E.Main Street in Forest City, or at the park one hour before gametime.