Dear Editor,

I have never written a letter to the editor and also not a good one like Jen Goodes at the Rutherford Weekly. Her articles can touch your heart. But here goes : my name is Brenda Scott and I've been a citizen of Forest City all my life.

It seems unfair that every mayor and town council in the past have kept the tax rate down.

My father, James J. Crowe, was mayor in Forest City in the late 70s and early 80s. In fact he died in office. He cut ribbons for a lot of businesses in Forest City. Want to know how the tax rate came down from 60 cents to 28 cents and didn't borrow from other funds to do this. I'll tell you how. They didn't spend money they didn't have. They gave us what we needed.

My father also said if you do have to raise taxes, raise the water and sewer. Everybody has to pay for water, but only homeowners pay for taxes. They don't pay for schools that they send their children to, they don't pay for teachers, fire, or police departments, nor do they pay the administrators or for the good employees of Forest City. I do believe in giving all employees an 11% raise. They deserve it. You can do this on a budget.

What is wrong with Janet Mason to come in as our city manager and demand our taxes be raised more than before? These are hard times for farms. Has she not heard about a possible recession? My husband and I are fine, but a lot of people are not. They are hurting. Did I say they are hurting? There are some that can't buy groceries and buy medicine too. And the gas is so high, they can't drive to the food banks because of the high gas to get food for their families.

Thank goodness the county didn't raise taxes, we have to pay that too. Tighten your belts Forest City.

If you ask 10 people on the street, what issue motivates voters, they would say taxes.

If you are on the ballot this November, I feel the good people of Forest City deserve better and you just might see that.

By the way, my Mama and Daddy owned their home and raised three daughters, plus we always took vacations to Florida and the mountains of North Carolina. But he never even spent a dime on interest. He believed if you didn't have the money, you didn't buy it.

My Daddy loved Forest City with all his heart, but he would be disappointed if after all the work he and council did to keep the tax rate down, possibly more than double? NO.

So Forest City tighten your belts. I do believe in you and I believe you can do this

Thank you if you need this editorial

Brenda Scott

75 year citizen of the town of Forest City

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