Not to sound like a complainer, but there is no doubt that an event does not always succeed just because you put something in the newspaper or talk about it on the radio and get commitments on Facebook.

200 people on Facebook said they would attend the grand reopening of the Rutherford County Farm Museum. Actually 19 paying customers showed up. We had almost that many volunteers. As folks say in the theatre business, it’s bad when you’ve got more on the stage than you have in the audience.

I once heard a theatre promotion consultant say, “Despite our best efforts, people will stay away in droves.”

Yes they will.

Having said all that, please come and pick up a delicious meal at the Ruffton Roots Community Garden near the hospital on October 23. Please, please, please. There will also be a virtual gala, which is a fancy word for party. If you’ve never been to an online party, I think you might enjoy it. It will run 6 to 9 that night with music, skits and chatter about the good work of both Ruffton Roots and Blue Ridge Hope. A zoom link will come with your evening meal.

The garden is splitting the take that night with Blue Ridge Hope which is an outstanding, wonderful nonprofit here in the county that serves people with mental health needs, nutritional health needs, after-school mentoring and case management for seniors regardless of their ability to pay.

Please help. We can really use your help, support, good will, prayers and money.

But why?

Many people in Rutherford County pride ourselves on being the kind of place where we help each other out. Blue Ridge Hope does that every working day. To help Blue Ridge Hope and Ruffton Roots is to sustain a five-year effort of helping what has made our entire community a better place.

Think of it this way. If generous people do anything to help out the common good, it helps everybody. You don’t think so? Think about it. Do you want to live among hateful, grasping, stingy people who are only out for themselves and their families? Do you want to live among people who say, as Rye Cooter once sang, “I got mine.”

Or would you rather be like many friends of Ruffton Roots and Blue Ridge Hope? Would you rather risk a generous gift from your hard-earned cash in order to sustain great work that improves the lives of people in this county and beyond? That giving is a little more complicated. It is much simpler to see the world where you and your family and maybe a few friends are all that matter.

But the more we learn of how life ultimately works, the more we understand how dependent we are on each other.

Check out the website for to learn more or email me with the email address below.

Contact Pat Jobe at He is the minister at All Souls Community locally which can be found by emailing him and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lake Norman at His latest book is It’s About Jesus, It’s Not About Max Burgin and A Brief History Of The Church Of The Exceptional on sale at Smith’s Drugs and Next Door Books and from Amazon. He lives in Grahamstown.