FOREST CITY—Almost 32 percent of registered voters came out to the polls for the North Carolina primary and Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were victorious in Rutherford County, winning the Republican and Democratic nomination respectively. 

Trump won the Republican nomination by receiving 15 percent more than second place finisher Ted Cruz. Trump finished with 4,128 votes (49.13 percent), while Cruz finished with 2,882 votes (34.30 percent) in the county. John Kasich finished third with 680 votes (8.09 percent) and Marco Rubio came in fourth with 538 votes (6.40 percent). Rubio also suspended his campaign on Tuesday evening. 

On the Democratic side of the ballot, Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in a tight race. Clinton received 76 more votes than Sanders in Rutherford County. 2,382 votes were cast for Hillary Clinton (45.97 percent) compared to 2,306 votes cast for Bernie Sanders (44.50 percent). 347 Democratic voters checked no preference (6.70 percent). Martin O'Malley who suspended his campaign in February received the fourth highest amounts of votes with 118 (2.28 percent). 

McCrory and Cooper win Governor primary

Also in Tuesday's primary, incumbent Republican Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, defeated challengers Charles Kenneth Moss and C. Robert Brawley by over 5,000 votes. McCrory finished with 6,054 votes (78.07 percent) compared to Moss's 943 votes (12.16 percent) and Brawley's 758 votes (9.77 percent). 

The Democratic nomination was won by Roy Cooper, who defeated Ken Spaulding by 1,243 votes. Cooper received 2,912 votes (63.57 percent) to Spaulding's 1,669 (36.43 percent).