FOREST CITY — Town leaders approved a plat for a new subdivision at Gettys and Marshall streets.

Forest City commissioners unanimously approved the 10-house subdivision at their regularly scheduled meeting Monday night (Sept. 14). Pat Chamberlain is the applicant for the development, named Out of the Ashes, to be located in an area zoned for high-density residential (R-6).

Forest City’s Board of Planning & Adjustment found that the proposed subdivision met all of the town’s requirements for approval; thus, the board recommended approval of the project.

Commissioners also called for a public hearing on Oct. 5 for a requested zoning change. Jeff and Angela West have requested to change a zoning of M-1 Industrial District to R-20 Low Density Residential / Agricultural District. The 30-acre vacant property is located at the east end of Victory Drive.

The Board of Planning and Adjustment supports the request, noting that the current zoning is inconsistent with the town’s future Land Use Plan. It was originally designated for an employment center, but no longer supports such a facility. Planners concluded the change to residential would promote growth.

Town leaders approved a bid with Marvin Hoyle Construction, of Lawndale, in the amount of $504,190 for the Second Broad River waterline replacement at U.S. Highway 74/East Main Street.

Various contracts were also approved for repairs at Alexander Mills Sewer Pump Station. Culverts have been damaged from excessive rainfall.

It was disclosed that the town of Forest City is awaiting $660,966 in reimbursements from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for 2020 State of Emergency flooding and COVID-19 expenses.