FOREST CITY — A threatening social media message on Snapchat directed at a “Central High School” circulated around Rutherford County last week, but after an investigation, it was found that the message was not connected to R-S Central High School.

The message was believed to be posted by an “Alex Anderson” and directly threatened students and school personnel at a school described as “Central High School.” The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) investigated the source of the message and the recirculation within the local school community and found the message was not connected to a school in Rutherford County nor did it pose a threat to students or employees at a school locally. Investigations into the post were conducted and the RCSO believes the post appeared to target a Central High School in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The RCSO stated the safety of the students and the schools in Rutherford County are the top priority and ensured the community they will continue to “monitor social media activity, investigate real and potential threats and take every step necessary to ensure a safe school environment.”