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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- College Consensus (, a unique college ratings website that aggregates publisher rankings and student reviews, has published its annual ranking of the Best Catholic Colleges and Universities for 2021 at

For centuries, the Catholic Church has been central to higher education with Medieval and Renaissance-era schools setting standards for scholarly life. A lot has changed in a millennium, but what hasn't changed is the academic reputation of Catholic education. From business and law to medicine and STEM research, Catholic colleges and universities continue to develop and transform, while holding on to the traditions of faith, community, and service leadership that define Catholic education. Whether Catholic or not, students can look to College Consensus' Best Catholic Colleges and Universities ranking for guidance in finding the college or university that meets their need for academic, professional, social, and personal growth and development.

There's an overwhelming number of college rankings out there, each with its own method, emphasis, and bias. But College Consensus cuts through it all by compiling and averaging reputable publisher rankings and student reviews. By putting expert and student perspectives on an equal footing, College Consensus aims to help students and families see the full scope of how their school choices stack up against each other.

The top three Catholic colleges for 2021 are 1) University of Notre Dame, 2) Georgetown University, and 3) Boston College. The remaining Best Catholic Colleges & Universities are listed in descending order by their Consensus score. In the event of ties, schools are ranked in alphabetical order with the same rank number.

College of the Holy Cross

Loyola University Maryland

Fairfield University

Villanova University

Siena College

University of Dallas

Saint Mary's College

University of San Diego

Providence College

Santa Clara University

Marquette University

La Salle University

Brescia University

Saint Mary's College of California

University of Portland

Dominican University

Rockhurst University

University of San Francisco

College of Saint Benedict

Saint Johns University

Saint Louis University

Notre Dame of Maryland University

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