SPINDALE—Next year, the town of Spindale will celebrate a milestone---its 100th birthday. In August, 1923, Spindale was officially incorporated as a town.

A special committee that includes Mayor Mickey Bland, several town commissioners, several Spindale staff members and other citizens, is hard at work planning a series of celebrations that will begin in 2023.

Spindale Commissioner Lou Gilliam is chairperson of the Spindale Centennial Committee, while Commissioner Rosaleen Francis is serving as vice chairperson.

“We have a good group of people working on this,” Gilliam said. “Everybody has ideas. We are getting more and more excited.”

Gilliam says the committee is seeking old photographs showing Spindale through the years, to be displayed during the celebrations. Any members of the public who have photos that may be of interest and are will to share copies, are asked to contact Gilliam (lougilliam@nctv.com) or call 828-980-110.

“If they don’t want to share hardcopies, they can email digital images,” Gilliam said. “I am hoping there are a lot of good ones out there.”

The committee began meeting in the spring.

“I think it’s extremely exciting,” Town Manager Scott Webber said. “It’s an important moment, for any town, to reach 100 years old. It’s something that is worth celebrating.”

Webber says the celebrations are for anyone who has been associated with Spindale.

“You don’t have to necessarily live in the town limits,” he said. “We want to include all of Spindale. That means anyone who has called Spindale home.”

Towns and counties are rarely in a static state. This includes economies which experience periods of growth, and sometimes stagnation. At one time, Spindale was an important economic engine driving growth for all of Rutherford County with large successful textile mills.

“Spindale has a rich past, but also a bright future,” Webber continued. “Spindale’s past, the good times and the hard times, have made us who we are. We are a resilient community.”

He added, “We want to celebrate our past, while looking ahead to an evolving, growing future.”

Other members of the Spindale Centennial Committee are: Teresa Hardy, Kevin Goettge, RJ Aiken, Georgia Steele, Charles Deviney, Amy Cowan, Jessica Akiba, and Jess Kerr.

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