County Alert System map

The state’s County Alert System’s map shows Rutherford County among those orange-coded counties, or those with substantial community spread. It has been downgraded from a red county, or critical.

SPINDALE — Rutherford County is no longer among the state’s counties deemed in the critical zone and where the community spread of the coronavirus is considered significant.

Tuesday the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services updated its County Alert System with 27 counties identified as red, 40 as orange and 33 in the yellow zone. Rutherford is among those in the orange category, or those with substantial spread. None of the counties contiguous to Rutherford are among those in the red zone. The nearest one still in the red is Gaston County.

The update shows the fewest red counties since the start of the County Alert Systems. In comparison, the previous Feb 4th County Alert showed 61 red counties, 33 orange counties and six yellow counties.

North Carolina launched new tools to help people know when they are eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine, and a tool to help people find vaccine locations near them

Individuals in all counties should continue to limit public interactions to essential activities, and avoid gathering with others from outside their household.

North Carolina has been recently trending in a positive direction, as has Rutherford County.

Tuesday’s COVID-19 update for Rutherford shows only four new cases for a cumulative total of 6,680. The county’s 14-day positivity rate is at 7.8%.

There are new coronavirus deaths in Rutherford with the total number of fatalities remaining at 194.

There will be no COVID-19 testing this week at the Rutherford County Health Department due to the staff participating in scheduled vaccination clinics. However, testing is available at most primary care physicians and at CVS.