RUTHERFORDTON — Mayor Jimmy Dancy is helping to shape the policy positions and key issues for cities and towns across North Carolina, according to a release from the town of Rutherfordton.

Dancy has been selected as an appointed member of the 2020-2021 North Carolina League of Municipalities Legislative Policy Committee.

For years, the League has followed an inclusive, member-driven process to form policy positions on key issues for N.C. cities. This process is designed to take input from municipal officials in every corner of the state, and it reflects the diversity of opinion existing across North Carolina.

During even-numbered years, all League members are invited to submit their ideas through focus group discussions and in writing. The League’s Legislative Policy Committee will then consider these ideas and recommend the top consensus positions to the Board of Directors. The board refines the positions further before sending them to the full League membership for a final vote. These goals and positions are vital in uniting the voices of municipal leaders across the state behind common goals for state and federal leaders to advance on behalf of our hometowns.

“I am proud to serve Rutherfordton and to help draft a unified set of goals as we advance the quality of life in the hometowns of North Carolina,” Dancy said in the release. “This process is extremely beneficial as collectively our voices are stronger together as issues cross our borders but affect us all and advancing policy to address these collective problems is what keeps our communities the engines that drive our state forward.”

Rutherfordton has submitted goals around priorities that align with its current set of action plans and experience with the response to COVID-19. They include goals related to housing, such as adjusting the state funding policy on housing finance as well as the flexibility in the foreclosure process for abandoned and dilapidated homes to be restored an active home. Other priorities include infrastructure funding, stabilizing N.C. Department of Transportation, stormwater funding, stabilizing recycling programs, and keeping NC Main Street programs viable among other goals, the release added.