D. Lee Walke and Pamela R. Walke to Thomas M. Ruth; Rutherfordton; Lot: 25; Fairforest Acres/Fairforest Drive; $578 tax; $289,000 value.

Joseph D. Montgomery and Angela G. Montgomery to Ora K. White; Cabin Creek Subdivision Phase 1; Rutherfordton; Lot: 4; Carolina Paradise Road; $380 tax; $190,000 value.

NC Country Land, LLC to. Bradley A. Dence and Karen Britt Asbury; Rutherfordton; Lot: 3; 10.92AC; Country Creek Acres/Whiteside Road; $96 tax; $48,000 value.

John R. Fuzia and Emily P. Fuzia to Loray Blair-Britt; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; 4.42AC; Lakeview Circle; $840 tax; $420,000 value.

Cornerstone Associates, LLC to Ricky Lengsi; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; 2TR; L42&L43; Sec 13; Apple Valley Phase II; $0.

Ronald Wayne Brown and Leslie Yvonne Brown to Milton Yoder; High Shoals; 1.42AC; $6 tax; $3,000 value.

Craig Batzel and Richard Leitner to Patrick Kerney and Karin Kerney; Undivided Interest; Rutherfordton/Green Hill; 2 Parcels; Hidden Hill/Clark Road; $500 tax; $250,000 bond.

Joseph M. Koedatich and Francine Koedatich to Robert Larry Greene and Martha B. Greene; Union Mills/Gilkey; Lot: 74; 2.03AC; Hearthstone Ridge Phase Two/Hearthstone Drive; $53 tax; $26,500 value.

Milton Yoder and Kathy Yoder to Milton Yoder and Kathy Yoder; High Shoals; 4.09AC; $0 tax.

Jessy A. Justice to Derek S. Morgan and Amy Morgan; Rutherfordton/Union; Lot: 83; 2.56AC; River Ridge of Cleghorn South-Phase IV/Stroud Mountain Trail; $400 tax; $200,000 value.

Van William Walker and Regina G. Walker to Chelsie M. Laughter; 62AC; $525 tax; $262,500 value.

Kay E. Fenton to Bryan William Easley and Haidee Yasmin Easley; Lake Lure; Lot: 2; Sec A; Apple Valley Phase III/Sheepnose Drive; $350 tax; $175,000 value.

Amy Cook McDaniel to Eric John Truempy; Bostic/Colfax; 2TR; .82AC/.03AC; Ozzie Drive; $245 tax; $122,500 value.

Allard B. Brigman to J Michael Edney; Union Mills; Lot: 13; Phase 6 Pinnacle Ridge South/Lower Switchback Road/Pinnacle Parkway; $0 tax.

Khoa Nguyen and Jennifer Nguyen to Rellic Holdings, LLC; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; BLK 1; Luremont Section/Mark Twain Road; $0 tax.

Kacey L. Whittemore and Rita J. Whittemore to Amy Cook McDaniel; Forest City/Cool Springs; .94AC; Elizabeth Avenue/Eastover Drive; $370 tax; $185,000 value.

Jason T. Ruff and Christian S. Ruff to Michael L. Rainey and Sandra Q. Rainey; Chimney Rock; 7.39AC; Shumont Road; $75 tax; $37,500 value.

Tammy H. McEntyre to Steffonza McIntyre Jr. and Debora McIntyre; Ruth Ridge/Rutherfordton; Lot: 35; Sherry Street; $336 tax; $168,000 value.

Milia Todd Good to Karen Latham Good; Mooresboro/Colfax; 1AC; NC Highway 120; $0 tax.

Debra Reid Edwards Brown and Donald Clyde Brown to Debra Reid Brown and Donald Clyde Brown; Ellenboro/Colfax; 1AC; Terry Road; $0 tax.

Marthel Swink Matheny to Grover Lee Chivous Putnam and Ginger Ann Putman; Rutherfordton/Union; Poors Ford Road; $0 tax.

Roy C. Hoppes and Carolyn C. Hoppes to Wayne Allmon; Homestead Village/Colfax; Lot: 13; PB11/85; $15 tax; $7,500 value.

Julie C. Stockman to Julie C. Stockman and Dakota Stockman; Rutherfordton/Sulphur Springs; 3TR — W.V. Thompson Road; $0 tax.

Thelma L. Thompson to Julie C. Stockman and Dakota Stockman; Rutherfordton/Sulphur Springs; 3.68AC — W.V. Thompson Road; $0 tax.

Rankin A. Whittington, LLC to Blue Fringe Properties, LLC; Forest City/Cool Springs; .828AC; Withrow Road/Daniel Road; $670 tax; $335,000 value.

Steven R. Hessberg and Edie F. Hessberg, Trustees of the Steven R. Hessberg Living Trust dated April 9, 2011 to Brian W. King and Amanda J. King; Eagle Creek; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot 10; 1.40AC; Quail Ridge Boulevard; $1,300 tax; $650,000 value.

John Ware Weathers and Mary Jane Benson to Jaime Agustin Jara and Claudia Isabel Jara; Forest City/Cool Springs; 2TR — L15&L16; Weatherstone Drive/Idlewood Lane; $13 tax; $6,500 value.

Malcolm P. Jowers and Linda O. Jowers to Gary W. Hasenfus and Darley Q. Hasenfus; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 294; Sec 11; Quail Ridge; $980 tax; $490,000 value.

Linda D. Ravan to Timothy F. Peacock; Forest City/Sulphur Springs; 1.71AC; Harris-Holly Springs Road/McKinney Road; $20 tax; $10,000 value.

Linda D. Ravan to Timothy F. Peacock; Forest City/Sulphur Springs; 2TR; Harris-Holly Springs Road/McKinney Road; $60 tax; $30,000 value.

James J. Rainone and Susan E. Rainone to Tammy R. Adair; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 106; Shumont Estates Phase I/Shumont Estates Drive; $596 tax; $298,000 value.

Tammy H. Clark, Thomas Clark, Rhonda H. Adkins, John Adkins and David E. Hawkins to CFA-M, INC; Colfax; L8 Colfax Drive; $96 tax; $48,000 value.

Fae Jimmie Torvinen, LLC and Amy Jimmie Torvinen to Seth Parker Price; Forest City/Cool Springs; .47AC; Old Wagy Road; $290 tax; $145,000 value.

Bridget W. Davenport and Richard C. Davenport to John Passmore and Jacqueline D. Passmore; Sulphur Springs; 7.82AC; L3; PB41/81; $152 tax; $76,000 value.

Robert James Carver and Kathy L. Carver to Hometowne, LLC; 2TR; 1.96AC/3.00AC; Shady Woods Lane; $60 tax; $30,000 value.

Tamara Porter to JGI of NC, LLC; Pierpoint; Chimney Rock; Lot: 8; $134 tax; $67,000 value.

Jordan F. Crowe and Kelsey S. Crowe to Paul S. Linker, SR and Karen Ward Linker; Rutherfordton/Green Hill; 5AC; Woodview Drive; $716 tax; $358,000 value.

Randy F. Charles and Patricia Charles to Darren R. Vance; High Shoals; 1AC; Goodes Creek Church; $43 tax; $21,500 value.

Equity Trust Company, Don A. Keener to Equity Trust company, Nancy Lee Keener; Forest City/Sulphur Springs; 5AC; Long Branch Road; $0.

Harry Jeffrey Walker and Susan M. Walker to James Hall and Sarah Hall; Rutherfordton; Lot: 29; Grace Street; $0 tax.

Michael Colvin and Melinda Colvin to Michael W. Engels and Victoria L. Engels; Logan Store; 2TR; 7.99AC; 9.14AC; Camp Creek Road; $97 tax; $48,500 value.

Tamara Grayson to Joshua Zelenick and Adair Taylor; Golden Valley; 3-4/10AC Highway #226; $0 tax.

Clifford M. Mariani and Gladys Mariani to Joseph Santone and Karen Santone; Apple Valley Villas Phase I; Chimney Rock; Unit: 30; Lot: 30; BLDG E Lake Lure; $125 tax; $62,500 value.

Richard M. Ray and Tracy C. Ray to Jeffery Conner and Donna Conner; Colfax; 2TR; 1.12AC/0.91AC; $0 tax.

Bill C. Phillips and Shaaron M. Phillips to James B. Rutledge/TR and Rebecca C. Rutledge/TR of Rutledge Joint Revocable Trust U/T/D Jan. 13, 2016; Apple Valley Farms at Lake Lure; Chimney Rock; Lot: 13; $232 tax; $116,000 value.

Cathy Skudlarick to Cathy M. Skudlarick, Cathy M. Skudlarick Revocable Trust dated Sept. 16, 2020; Multiple Parcels; $0 tax.

The Presbytery of Western North Carolina, Inc. and Lauren Vanacore to the Apostolics of Rutherford County, INC; Bostic/Cool Springs; 2 and 1/20AC; Bostic Sunshine Hwy; $120 tax; $60,000 value.

Diane Justice to Real Estate Connection, LLC: Spindale/Cool Springs; Hamilton Road; $24 tax; $12,000 value.

Rapid Pace Enterprises, LLC to Greg Dunsworth and Huda Al Tameemi; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 128; Sec 8; Chalet Village North/Red Wing Road; $464 tax; $232,000 value.

James E. Butts to Marvin Rigoberto Guzman; Gilkey; Lot: 4; 5.95AC; Rock Road; $114 tax; $57,000 value.

Mark Hargett and Christy R. Hargett to William James Schwalbach and Anne Marie Schwalbach; Rutherfordton/Gilkey; 3.475AC; Rock Road; $766 tax; $383,000 value.

Mark Hargett and Christy R. Hargett to William James Schwalbach and Anne Marie Schwalbach; Rutherfordton/Gilkey; 5.631AC; Rock Road; $74 tax; $37,000 value.

Jeffrey L. Bly and Brittany Freeman Bly to Anthony Cagno; W Carl Huntley Sub; Forest City/Cool Springs; L9-L12; Chase High Road; $310 tax; $155,000 value.

Odette Davis and Allen Davis to Susan Messner and Michael Messner; Rutherfordton; 3.86AC; $700 tax; $350,000 value.

Scott R. Dowell, Rosa A. Chrinios Cruz II to Caressa N. Roseboro; Forest City/High Shoals; 1AC; Old Henrietta Road; $280 tax; $140,000 value.

Miriam C. Gordon to Matthew Curtis Winter and Alyson Snow Winter; Riverbend; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 66; Sec 53; Egret Road; $9 tax; $4,500 value.

Joseph W. Ashman and Barbara K. Ashman to Camilla H. Edgerton, Jane E. Whiteside and David W. Edgerton; Lake Lure/.20AC; Buffalo Shoals Road; $1,070 tax; $535,000 value.

Ursula M. Thompson to Max S. Crowe and Mary Earl Crowe; Rutherfordton; 2-1/2AC; North Washington Street; $755 tax; $377,500 value.

Richard M. Wilson and Caroline T. Wilson to George E. Stroman and Susan M. Stroman; Logan Store; 20AC; Locust Drive/Mountain Forest Drive; $807 tax; $403,500 value.

Foggy Mountain Properties, LLC to Jeffrey Freeman and Micky Freeman; Chimney Rock; 2TR; 14.63AC/.33AC Island Creek Road; $398 tax; $199,000 value.

Sheila Cuthbertson and James Avery Cuthbertson Jr. to Max E. Burgin and Mildred K. Burgin; Ellenboro/Duncan Creek; 1.38AC; Jack Moore Mountain Road; $100 tax; $50,000 value.

Flack Brothers Family, LLC and Caroline Baynard Flack to Burnt Chimney Builders, LLC; Huntington/Cool Springs; Lot: 3; BLK 1; $28 tax; $14,000 value.

Ryan Eshleman and Cynthia L. Haynes Eshleman to Susan Loscalzo and Kathy N. Nance; Rutherfordton/Green Hill; 1.26AC; George Parker Drive; $0 tax.

Mark A. Hill, Wanda Hill, Stephen Y. Hill, Nancy Hill, Diane H. Reid and Allan Reid to Reid’s of Forest City, Inc.; Rutherfordton; 1.16AC; Pinkwood Drive/Piedmont Road; $7 tax; $3,500 value.

John R. Carter and Deborah T. Carter/Co-TR of the Carter Trust dated Aug. 1, 2016 to Mark Anderson and Patricia L. Anderson; Brookside; Forest Sub; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; 2TR; L21 Phase II/L22 Phase III Trails; $724 tax; $362,000 value.

Ronald A. Freeman and Lora L. Freeman to G-Spot, LLC; Chimney Rock; Lot: 24; 2.16AC; The Pinnacle at Ridgeview/Palisade Drive; $810 tax; $405,000 value.

Rowell Land & Timber Company, Inc. and Robert E. Rowell III to G-Spot, LLC; Chimney Rock; Lot: 23; 1AC; The Pinnacle at Ridgeview/Palisade Drive; $45 tax; $22,500 value.

Joan M. Herbert to G-Spot, LLC; Chimney Rock; Lot: 26; 1.38AC; The Pinnacle at Ridgeview/Palisade Drive; $74 tax; $37,000 value.

Clinton Travis Gilbert and Heather R. Gilbert to Jackie Harris Camp and Kristi Hogan Jones; Forest City/Cool Springs; Lot:25; .461AC; Georgia Avenue; $276 tax; $138,000 value.

James Arthur Toney/By AIF and James D. Toney/AIF to Karina Mercedes Toney; Duncan Creek; 9AC; Hollis-Ellenboro Road; $148 tax; $74,000 value.

William Wyman Yelton to William Wyman Yelton and Wyman Scott Yelton, TR of the William Wyman Yelton Revocable Trust U/A dated July 10, 2007; $0 tax.

Samantha D. Malcolm, Samantha May and Matthew May to Real Estate Trustee, LLC; Spindale; .41AC; Pennsylvania Avenue/Ledbetter Road; $50 tax; $25,000 value.

Virginia T. Hawkins/POA and Geoffrey D. Hawkins/POA to Virginia T. Hawkins; Golden Valley; Lot: 147; 1.13AC; South Mountain Peaks; Phase Five; $0 tax.

Virginia T. Hawkins to Kirsten Alexandra Dillon and Harold Kenneth Hawkins; Life Estate; Golden Valley; Lot: 147; South Mountain Peaks Phase Five; $0 tax.

Suzzette S. McGinnis and Andrew C. McGinnis to John W. Hardin and Lanetta A. Hardin; Ellenboro/Colfax; 2.48AC; Burns Road; $287 tax; $143,500 value. ‘