Spencer Galloway and Sonya Galloway to Juan Carlos Fuentes and Paulina Fuentes; Mountains at Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Unit: 202; Lake Lure; $398 tax; $199,000 value.

Christopher Brevard and Amy Brevard to Daniel Scott Morris and Lisa Crimmins Morris; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 276; Sec 11; Quail Ridge/Hummingbird Court; $518 tax; $259,000 value.

Patricia S. Langstraat to Christopher Brevard and Amy Brevard; Apple Valley Villas Phase III; Chimney Rock; Unit: 65; BLDG K Whitney Boulevard; Lake Lure; $110 tax; $55,000 value.

Michael Anthony Wall and Brittany H. Wall to Robert Neal Yelton and Barbara Yelton; Forest City/Cool Springs; 2TR; Poplar Street; $260 tax; $130,000 value.

Pamela Denise Harris, James Anthony Harrill, Marsha Dianne Lurie, David Lurie, Lauren Whisnant, Co-Trustee of the Charles K. Whisnant Living Trust dated Dec. 29, 2014, Gayle Silvers, Co-Trustee of the Charles K. Whisnant Living Trust dated Dec. 29, 2014 and Rebecca Whisnant, Executrix of The Estate of Charles Kimball Whisnant to Edgar Glenn Kennedy; Mooresboro/Colfax; 84/100AC NC 120 Hwy/Champion Ferry Road; $56 tax; $28,000 value.

Dennis Earl Kearney and Dennis Earl Kearney II; Life Estate; Forest City/High Shoals; 4.12AC; Butterfly Drive; $0.

Robin L. Northrop, Trustee of Robin L. Northrop Revocable Trust dated Oct. 15, 2003 to 275 Quail Ridge, LLC; Lake Lure; Lot: 275; Quail Ridge; $2 tax.

James A. Notaro and Lisa Marie Notaro to Uzi Kamal; Firefly Cove; Sub Chimney Rock; Lot: 30; $230 tax; $115,000 value.

Peggy Karen Bland Salmon to Angela Owens Bennett and Shea Blakely Jones; Life Estate; Union; .88AC; Union Road; $0 tax.

Robert Micah Merrill and Rita Smawley Merrill to Christopher Erwin Roberts and Joshua Micah Merrill; Life Estate; Rutherfordton; 3TR; Della Road; $0 tax.

Kathie Jenala Brooks Collins and Ronald O. Jackson to Arthur Hannon and Stacey Hannon; Mooresboro/Colfax; 10AC; Gillespie Road; $40 tax; $20,000 value.

Mark A. Holdeman and Linda L. Holdeman to Andrew Veigel; Greyrock Phase 1B; Lake Lure; Lot: 116; $7 tax.

Infinion Properties Inc. and Michael W. Thomas to CMH Homes Inc; Gilkey; Lot: 112; 2.670AC; Clearwater Creek Phase 7; $42 tax; $21,000 value.

Randy B. Juhl to Alisha Fowler; Forestdale Park; Cool Springs; Lot: 8; $294 tax; $147,000 value.

Janice Newton Hill and Ernest Alan Hill to Janice Newton Hill and Ernest Alan Hill; Logan Store; 2TR; Bostic/Sunshine Hwy; $0 tax.

Janice Newton Hill and Ernest Alan Hill to Janice Newton Hill and Ernest Alan Hill and Cory Alan Hill; Life Estate; Logan Store; Bostic/Sunshine Hwy; $0 tax.

Thomas J. Conklin and Faith Conklin to Justin Taylor Matthews and Christina Demko; Riverbend; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 322; Sec 3; $0 tax.

Thomas D. Fillenworth and Lucille I. Fillenworth to Ole Sheldon and Ceil Sheldon; Bostic; Lot: 195; Yellowtop Mountain Estates Phase Eleven/Westridge Drive; $45 tax; $24,500 value.

Janice Newton Hill and Ernest Alan Hill to Janice Newton Hill and Ernest Alan Hill and Cory Alan Hill; Undivided Interest; Logan Store; 2 Parcels; $3 tax.

Eastco Properties, LLC to Justin Conner; McCall Forest City/Cool Springs; McCall Drive/McCall Road; $28 tax; $14,000 value.

Sarah T. Smith to Sheila D. Bailey and David P. Herndon; Eastover Acres; Forest City/Cool Springs; Lot: 5; BLK B; $411 tax; $205,500 value.

Ronald J. Carpenter and Chester L. Norton to Nicholas Walton; Rutherfordton; 3TR; $580 tax; $290,000 value.

Donna M. Turner and Roger D. Turner to Jamie Grace Weaver Varner; 5AC; Crow Woods Road; $0 tax.

Washburn Real Estate, Inc. and David Brent Washburn Sr. to David Brent Washburn Sr. and Sherri H. Washburn; Hunters Glen Sub Phase 3; Union; Lot: 24; .57AC; $40 tax; $20,000 value.

Robert B. Blecher and Lisa F. Blecher to Angel Salsa Ayala and Yesica Salas Huerta; Forest City/Rutherfordton; Lot: 8; Lillian’s Farms/Oakland road; $60 tax; $30,000 value.

Pervis Mason and Gail D. Mason to Keith Haney and Kim Haney; B H Wilkins; Forest City/Cool Springs; 3TR; L18-L24; Highview Street; $90 tax; $45,000 value.

Myra W. Couch, George Couch, Terry Joe Webb, Gail Webb, James D. Webb and Tamara L. Webb to CFA-M, Inc.; High Shoals; 44AC; $220 tax; $110,000 value.

Travis K. Smith and Allyson L. Smith to Kathryn H. Morris and Preston W. Morris; Forest City/Cool Springs; Lot: 26; Carolina Avenue; $260 tax; $130,000 value.

Frank Dempsey Polk III and Lee Burns Polk to Charles K Marshall and Mary Bradford Simmons Marshall; Undivided Interest; Lake Lure; Lot: 7; Lurewoods Landing Phase I; $3,075 tax; $1,537,500 value.

Teresa De Jesus Magana and Sandra Elizabeth Lazo and Francisco Antonio Jeronimo Andres; Countryside; Forest City; Lot: 10; Greenfield Drive/Countryside Avenue; $0 tax.

North South Homes & Rentals, LLC to Lenice Lane; Rutherfordton; .293AC; Meridian Street/West Third Street; $100 tax; $50,000 value.

Jean Charles Kiser, Successor Trustee of Charles Living Trust, dated Jan. 29, 2007 to Michael Brock Charles and Catrina W. Charles; Rutherfordton; .48AC; Chimney Rock Road; $0 tax.

Charles Michael Brock and Catrina W. Charles to Jean Charles Kiser, Successor Trustee of Charles Living Trust, dated Jan. 29, 2007; Rutherfordton; .08AC; Chimney Rock Road; $0 tax.

Inuksuk Holdings, LLC to Vernon Joseph Menard III, as Trustee of the Vernon Joseph Menard III Revocable Trust Under Instrument dated Aug. 3, 2020 and Michelle Jeanne Menard, as Trustee of the Michelle Jeanne Menard Revocable Trust Dated Aug. 3, 2020.

Ralph J. Berger and Joyce D. Berger to Shawn Maneen and Cari Maneen; Green Hill; 10AC; Polk County Line Road; County Line Road; $960 tax; $480,000 value.

Wayne C. Herrick and Christine A. Herrick to Wayne. C. Herrick and Christine A. Herrick, Trustees under the Wayne and Christine Herrick Revocable Living Trust, dated Aug. 6, 2020; $0 tax.

Rahn C. Maxwell, Jennie Marie Bridges as Executrix of the Estate of Angela S. Hensley and Jennie Marie Bridges and Michael Bridges, Brandon W. Hill and Jessica Hill to Timothy J. Driscoll and Donna L. Driscoll; Undivided Interest; Golden Valley; Lot: 120; South Mountain Peaks Phase Five; $20 tax.

Justin T. McCluney and Jennifer F. McCluney to Justin T. McCluney and Jennifer F. McCluney; Rutherfordton; 2.50AC; Stonecutter Creek Road; $0 tax.

Patricia E. Robertson and Edward Curry First III to Patricia E. Robertson; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 62; .89AC; Shumont Estates Phase IIIC/Lakewood Drive; $180 tax; $90,000 value.

Atlantic Roofing of Florida, II Inc. and Joseph R. Conn to Jomeconn, LLC; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; Lot: 252; Sec 11; Quail Ridge; $0 tax.

Henry D. Best and Brenda Matthews Best to David L. Best; Life Estate; Green Hill; 94.81AC; Mtn. Creek Road; $0.

Richard Lindsay and Catherine Lindsay to Jennifer L. Rogers, Trustee of the Jennifer L. Rogers Family Trust dated Feb. 13, 2018; Chimney Rock; Patrol Road; $1,150 tax; $575,000 value.

RSM Rentals and Alexander S. Hutchins and Elayna M. Hutchins; Forest City/Cool Springs; Arlington Street; $326 tax; $163,000 value.

Keith Workman and Melissa Workman to RCC Solar, LLC; Rutherfordton/Sulphur Springs; .743AC; Song Sparrow Court/Hester Mill Road; $28 tax; $14,000 value.

William Stephen Shehan Jr., Thomas Wade Shehan, Amy Shehan Atchley, Shehan Textiles, Inc and Shehan Mill Waste Products, Inc to Kathryn L. Hunt; Rutherfordton; $160 tax; $80,000 value.

Doris Roberts Smith to Jeffrey Todd Smith; Life Estate; Rutherfordton; Lot: 29; Sparks Crossing Phase II; $0 tax.

John Joseph Stratman and Andrea Lee Stratman to Jose Cristobal Santos Granados; Rutherfordton; North Cleghorn Street; $29 tax; $14,500 value.

Carolyn Denise Frazier to Jeanie M. Hall and Chelsea Watson; Life Estate; Green Hill; 5.5AC; Cove Road; $0 tax.

Leslie Ellen Ethridge and Miranda Ethridge to William Vulgamore; Rutherfordton/Gilkey; Lot: 10; 1.91AC; Clearwater Creek Phase I/Clearwater Parkway; $390 tax; $195,000 value.

Anthony Nguyen, Heidi Tran, My Dung Nguyen and Tuan Nguyen to Broadriver Poultry Farm, LLC; Forest City/High Shoals; 159.18AC; US Hwy 221S; $0 tax.

Earnest Pennington and Linda M. Pennington to Zachary C. Martin; High Shoals; .62AC; PB 39/219; $270 tax; $135,000 value.

Cleveland Capital Holdings, Inc. and Deborah L. Potter and Hands of Hope for Life; Turner Subdivision; Cool Springs; Turner Street; $105 tax; $52,500 value.

Donald Ray Wilson and Wanda C. Wilson to Timothy Jason Horne and Heather Horne; Woodridge; Rutherfordton; Lot: 23A; 1.145AC; Hunting Drive; $470 tax; $235,000 value.

Marceleen K. Buckner, Diane B. Hill and Lonnie E. Hill to Bobby Lee Tucker; Forest City/Cool Springs; .14AC; Pointer Road; $6 tax.

Mary Doane Brown, Mary Jones Brown and Mary Doane to Subhashini Gupta, Shibani Robinson and Rahul Gupta; Weatherstone; Forest City/Cool Springs; Lot: 13; .50AC; Weatherstone Drive; $370 tax; $185,00 value.

Yvette Palacios to James Barzilla Upton and Dorothy Jean Upton; Longview #2; Forest City/Cool Springs; L43-L45; Crescent Drive/Longview Drive; $7 tax.

Brain Wood, Brian Wayne Wood and Mona Lisa Arrowood to Real Estate Trustee, LLC; Forest City; Oakridge Drive/Oakridge Avenue; $41 tax; $20,500 value.

Lemuel Aubrey Bentley and Susan Marie Bentley to Stephen Dance and Anne McCarthy Dance; Rutherfordton; Lot: 2; Dena Camp Lands; $290 tax; $145,000 value.

Sylvia Pflum and Edward J. Bednar and Matthew A. Taub; Lake Lure/Chimney Rock; 1.12AC; Seton Road; $1,625 tax; $812,500 value.

Leonard W. Wiggins/By AIF and Chasity B. Wiggins/AIF to Jonathan Dardas and Ashley Dardas; Cool Springs; 2.39AC; Smith Grove Road/Hudlow Road; $340 tax; $170,000 value.

Daniel Aaron LaCaria and Valerie Nicole LaCaria to Joshuah Dalton Bridges; Forest City/Cool Springs; Lot: 7; Old Caroleen Road/Florida Avenue; $337 tax; $168,500 value.

John S. Ripic and Dustin Beason; Rutherfordton; Gilkey; Mountain Creek Road/Mountain Creek Church Road; $240 tax; $120,000 value.

Jeanne M. Day/By AIF and Doreen Gail Day/AIF to Jeffrey C. Osburn and Barbara J. Osburn; Gilkey; 14.44AC; Bennett Road; $712 tax; $356,000 value.