While COVID-19 has contributed to premature deaths, it has also caused victims to die alone and their lives celebrated as quietly as they were grieved. The coronavirus has not only been deadly, but it has robbed mourners of traditional closure.

Because of the pandemic’s community spread, fatal victims of COVID-19 have not been afforded conventional funerals, burials and visitations. Consequently, their surviving relatives and friends have grieved privately. The memories of coronavirus victims have seemingly faded into an abyss or at least lost in the cumbersome news about the pandemic. Sadly, there has been little to no mention of the victims and their contributions.

We at The Daily Courier would like to change that as much as possible. Please help the Courier celebrate those from Rutherford County who perished because of COVID-19 by sending the victim’s name, a photograph, date of birth and death, hometown, occupation, and a special memory or achievement.

Ideally, the Courier would like to create a collage or a listing of the compiled information into a format for publication aimed at remembering local victims who succumbed to the deadly virus.

Please email the above information along with a source of contact to rstarnes@thedigitalcourier.com or mail to Ritchie Starnes, 601 Oak St., Forest City, NC 28043. Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2021.