Willow Ridge

An outbreak of the coronavirus has spread at Willow Ridge Rehabilitation and Living Center, causing 15 infections and one death.

RUTHERFORDTON — The Willow Ridge Rehabilitation and Living Center has experienced a coronavirus outbreak that includes 15 cases, including one death.

According to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Willow Ridge is among the congregate living settings that is undergoing an outbreak for COVID-19. On Friday, NCHHS reported that the nursing facility was home to eight positive cases for COVID-19 among its staff and seven cases among the residents, including the death of one resident.

Kam Badimu, facility administrator, said Tuesday the numbers remain unchanged at Willow Ridge. He said the origin of the outbreak is unknown.

As of Tuesday, there were no changes to the state’s data per its website.

On June 10, 2020 Willow Ridge updated its website with the following message: “...we are mindful of our vulnerable population and our commitment to protect the health and safety of our residents. COVID-19 continues to pose elevated risk to our nursing home residents so we will diligently follow the recommendations of our local, state, and national agencies and the CDC on how we will advance through phases of reopening our nursing home.”

Willow Ridge remains on restricted visitation, only essential personnel is allowed in the facility except for end of life circumstances.

In a congregate living setting, a COVID-19 outbreak is defined as two or more laboratory-confirmed cases. An outbreak is considered over if there is not evidence of continued transmission within the facility. This is measured as 28 days after the latest date of onset in a symptomatic person or the first date of specimen collection from the most recent asymptomatic person, whichever is later. If another case is detected in a facility after an outbreak is declared over, the outbreak is not reopened. It is counted as a case in congregate living settings, and if a second case is detected within 28 days in the same facility, it is considered a second, new outbreak in that facility, according the NCDHHS.