A Lake Lure resident snapped a photo of untreated wastewater pouring into the Broad River. More than 7,900 gallons of wastewater spilled into the river from a manhole.

LAKE LURE — Last week’s heavy rain and flash flooding in parts of the county contributed to the dumping of more than 7,900 gallons of untreated wastewater into the Broad River.

Friday the town of Lake Lure reported in a press release that a discharge of untreated wastewater of 7,906.5 gallons of wastewater occurred on Thursday, Oct. 7. The wastewater spill came from a manhole located behind the pump station.

Town staff reportedly notified the Division of Water Resources of the event on the date if was identified (Oct. 7). Town staff said they took immediate action to address this situation as soon as it was discovered. The issue has been resolved in collaboration with the Division of Water Resources.

Owners of any wastewater collection or treatment works are required by state law to report discharges of 1,000 gallons of more or if the discharge reaches surface waters.

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