Anyone who knows me knows that I love binge watching televisions shows especially ones on Netflix. Netflix has thousands of television shows to choose from and here are some of the ones I think you should watch that I loved.

“Gossip Girl” is about privileged teens from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The show includes romance, drama, and real life problems. I can say that this show is one of the most addicting shows I have ever watched. The writers give each character such a special place in the show and you become attached to each one of them. The actors are amazing and do an amazing job of bringing this show to life. While the show ended almost 8 years ago, I still see it on the trending page on Netflix.

“Scandal” is about a group of defense attorneys in Washington, D.C. The attorneys are close with government officials such as congressmen and even the President. The drama in the show and the lessons it teaches will keep you hooked. Another show similar to “Scandal” is “How to Get Away With Murder.” It is about college students who are in law school and interning for one of the best defense attorneys in their area. They get into some trouble but their law school skills help them through. The two shows have a crossover episode. As a future pre-law school student, these shows have taught me the most about law.

A kid friendly show named “Alexa & Katie” is about two teenage best friends and their journey through high school. Alexa went through a battle with Leukemia and Katie was by her side the entire way. After defeating Leukemia, Alexa has to adjust to the real world after having cancer. The show is a great show to watch over the holidays because you can watch it all at once with the whole family.

“Stranger Things” will take you to the ‘80s and hook you with the characters. The show is about a group of kids who find a girl after their friend goes missing. They go through a lot adapting to their new friend and finding their old one. All of the characters in this show are amazing and I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

“Jane the Virgin” is a heart warming show about family, drama, and romance. Jane is a Catholic who accidentally ends up pregnant due to a medical treatment gone wrong. Jane has to choose between her fiancé and her baby’s father. The show also touches into real world problems such as immigration and cancer. This show is amazing and ends in the best way.

“Glee” is about a high school choir and their teachers. Romance, competition, and other problems between the characters. Every episode presents new covers of songs and all of the cast is extremely talented. Each character is different then the next and it’s amazing to see them from their freshman/sophomore year of high school to their college years.

These are just a few of my favorite shows from Netflix, all definitely worth the watch.