Oh two-oh two-two oh -two oh

Punxutawney Phil’s big thing,

the halfway point of winter days

progressing to the coming spring.

A one time numeric happening

comes on this groundhog day.

Front to back, or back to front

reads the same both either way.

Punxutawney Phil comes out,

his shadow on his mind.

He’ll look in all directions,

doesn’t know what he will find.

Some people call him Doctor Phil,

shadow spotting his degree.

If there is none, for him to spot,

an early spring for you and me.

If there’s a shadow there to see,

no clouds providing blocks,

spring will wait another week

until the Equinox.

Spring Equinox is twenty March

in the event you didn’t know.

The next season is summer

That’s just how the seasons go.