DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A Spindale resident has received a Circle of Excellence Award with Essential Bodyware.

Essential Bodywear recently held its first virtual annual convention with 270 in attendance from across the United States. Twelve consultants with the company, out of over 700, were presented with the Circle of Excellence Award for 2020. This award is the highest honor that Essential Bodywear presents to outstanding consultants.

Locally, Elaine Clark in Spindale, one of the honorees, has been with Essential bodywear 14 years serving hundreds of women across numerous states. She has a team of 13 women in several states that help women feel better about themselves. EBW is a company that focuses on body positivity to encourage fellow women to live as ourselves without apology.

“I help a woman find the right fit and it’s the perk of the job to see the delight in her face,” Clark said. “I know that a well fitted bra helps a woman stand taller and that helps a woman feel better about herself.“

Clark is married to Reagan Clark. They have one son, Brian, who lives in Athens, OH. They have one grandson.