Let the flocking begin

Communities in Schools of Rutherford County is kicking off their Fabulous Flamingos Fundraiser.
Feb. 22, 2013 @ 05:33 AM

Rutherford County will be seeing a lot more of the color pink very soon.

Communities in Schools of Rutherford County (CISRC) is now holding Fabulous Flamingos Fundraiser. Citizens could start waking up to a lawn full of flamingos any day now.

"We had been searching for something a little bit different to do as a fundraiser. We needed to come up with something that would set us apart. I know, having lived in Florida, they do these where all of the sudden a whole group of flamingos will show up on someone's lawn. You have to pay a ransom and then you can determine whose house it goes to next," said Brenda Watson, executive director of CISRC. "So I just got online and looked to see what all was involved in it and where I could get flamingos."

These pink, plastic flamingo ornaments could find their way to a lawn near you with the help of CISRC volunteers. You can pay $10 to have friends and family "flocked."

"Once they are flocked, they pay a $10 ransom or a donation of their choice and tell us who they want it moved to. We will also put a sign on their lawn that says "You have been flocked by Communities in Schools." We have three sets of flamingos that we will be moving around and they are all various sizes," Watson said. "The hope is to be able to move the flock on a daily basis."

If you want to keep yourself from being flocked, you can purchase Flocking Insurance for $10 which will protect you until the end of the school year. Watson says the fundraiser will go on for as long as people are participating.

"We are all excited. Right now, we have almost a dozen people on our list to flock. This could be a never-ending thing," Watson said. "We will flock anywhere in Rutherford County."

The money raised during this fundraiser will go to CISRC programs.

"We are getting ready to do Camp Challenge, which is a financial literacy camp, and there are different programs we have wanted to get more involved in and get going. We will have the Tanner Awards coming up, so the money will go to things like that," Watson said. "We want to keep it affordable so people can have just as much fun flocking their friends as we are putting the fundraiser together."

For more information or to complete your flamingo flocking work order call Communities in Schools of Rutherford County at 828-288-0228 or email cisrcinfo@gmail.com.