Ongoing projects in Lake Lure, Chimney Rock keep volunteers working year long

Jan. 19, 2013 @ 09:07 AM

Ongoing projects in Lake Lure and Chimney Rock were showcased Tuesday night at the Lake Lure Municipal Center. Hundreds of supporters crowded into the center to view several project displays, meet neighbors and discover ways they can get involved.

Shannon Baldwin, Lake Lure's community development director, said people shared their thanks to the towns for hosting the "fabulously well attended community function."

"The enthusiasm indicated by the large turn-out is a very good thing, and the combined efforts of so many good citizens trying hard to make improvements to our hometown is encouraging and positive, indeed," Baldwin said.

Baldwin also said the public community support should be a testament to the towns' officials of their interest in the project.

Mary Jaeger-Gale, general manager of Chimney Rock Management LLC, said although the NCDOT had planned to present a proposed Comprehensive Transportation Plan, there were so many people crowded into the center, it wasn't feasible to make a specific presentation. 

"But they told us they'd be back soon," she said.

The highway department had several large documents for viewing of the proposed changes to US64/74 over the next years, including a new entrance to Chimney Rock State Park in an area behind the Lake Lure arcade.

Chimney Rock Mayor Barbara Meliski, Lake Lure Mayor Bob Keith and Lake Lure Town Manager Chris Braund welcomed the hosts of visitors from across the county, including County Manager Carl Classen, County Commissioner Chair Julius Owens and County Commissioner Bill Eckler.

Among projects highlighted were The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, Rutherford County TDA Welcome Center at Lake Lure; Medical Services, Chimney Rock State Park, Morse Park, Town Center Master Plan (Phase I),Market Assessment/Branding Initiative, Buffalo Creek Park, Washburn Marina, Lake Lure Classical Academy, Mountains Branch Library, CRV-ToLL Pedestrian Connector,The Gathering Place and The RiverWalk.