Trojan cheerleaders work to get the crowd excited

Sep. 06, 2013 @ 05:07 AM

The Trojan cheerleaders are the center of the school spirit at Chase High School.

The 32 girls that make up the varsity and junior varsity squads know how to get a crowd fired up.

“My teams are very skilled this year. Even the freshmen have cheer experience,” said coach Roxanne Loving. “This year is going very well so far.”

The girls tried out for the squads in March. During tryouts they did cheers, chants, dances and jumps. Loving said about 70 girls came to tryouts the first day. After the squads were selected they attended cheer camp during the summer.

“The junior and freshmen classes are the biggest. I only have five seniors this year,” Loving said. “I coach both the varsity and the JV squads. We practice together when it’s needed and separately.”

This is the second year that Loving, who is also an English teacher at Chase, has coached the squads alone. She said she learned a lot and has grown as a coach since last year.

“I feel more confident. I have learned patience but also I know more of what I want and expect,” Loving said. “Now we have a routine and are settled in.”

Loving said the girls come up with most of the ideas for the stunts, cheers and dances. Some of their favorite cheers are ‘Work it’, ‘Rock Steady’ and ‘Hey Go Trojans.’

“I’ve been cheering since I was 4. I love being involved with everything and getting the crowd pumped up is fun,” said Alex Vickers, senior cheer captain. “I like all of the cheers.”

Carrie Jones, a sophomore, is also enjoying her first year as a Trojan cheerleader.

“It’s fun. I get to be with all of my friends and part of a team,” Jones said. “I like getting to know the upperclassmen because they can teach me more and are more experienced with it.”

The squads practice Monday through Wednesday then the JV team cheers for football on Thursday and the varsity cheers for games on Friday.

“I’ve been cheering for four years. I like interacting with the crowd and how you can get them to react with you,” said Zhane’ Watkins, senior cheer captain. “I also love the fact that little kids see you at the game and look up to you.”

Loving said the best part about coaching cheerleading is the school spirit.

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“I love the spirit of high school. That’s why I wanted to teach it,” Loving said. “I think cheerleading is the center of that.”