Under the Dome

Mar. 13, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

NC commercial code cycle extending to 6 years

North Carolina's commercial building rules will now be revised every six years, falling in line with the gap between residential codes recently approved by the General Assembly.

Mar. 12, 2014 @ 06:30 PM

NC coming up against another food stamp deadline

North Carolina's health secretary says it will be "extremely difficult" to erase a backlog of outstanding food stamp applications by the end of the month to comply with demands from federal regulators.

Mar. 12, 2014 @ 04:31 PM

Senate investigation of CIA dogged by controversy

House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday he is concerned over allegations of CIA snooping into computer files used by Senate investigators delving into allegations of past spy agency torture.

Mar. 12, 2014 @ 03:30 PM

Senate bill proposes tough sanctions on Russia

Congress will weigh some of the most significant U.S. sanctions on Russia since the end of the Cold War in a bid to pressure President Vladimir Putin to pull Russian troops out of Crimea, according to a copy of a new Senate bill obtained by The Associated Press.

Mar. 12, 2014 @ 02:31 PM

Debate over military sexual assaults far from over

The tumult over how to stop sexual assaults in the U.S. military is a long way from over as Congress grapples to find legislative solutions and new details emerge about a high-profile case involving an Army general and a female captain under his command.

Mar. 11, 2014 @ 06:26 PM

2 governors, lawmakers say goodbye to Sen. Nesbitt

Two North Carolina governors and dozens of legislators from both parties joined several hundred mourners to pay their last respects to veteran General Assembly member Martin Nesbitt.

Mar. 11, 2014 @ 05:31 PM

NC health insurance sign-ups higher than predicted

North Carolina health insurance consumers continued to enroll at a steady clip for private coverage sold on a federally run marketplace, a new report released Tuesday said.

Mar. 11, 2014 @ 03:29 PM

NC gov: Panel should decide who foots pond bill

Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday he's going to stay out of the debate whether his former employer Duke Energy should be allowed to pass to consumers the costs of closing North Carolina's coal ash ponds.

Mar. 11, 2014 @ 02:31 PM

Senator: CIA improperly searched computer network

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee accused the CIA Tuesday of criminal activity in improperly searching a computer network set up for lawmakers investigating allegations that the agency used torture in terror investigations during the Bush administration.

Mar. 11, 2014 @ 01:32 PM

Troopers, McCrory announce "Litter Free NC"

The Highway Patrol and Gov. Pat McCrory want to get rid of the litter on North Carolina roads, and save taxpayer dollars to clean up the mess.

Mar. 11, 2014 @ 11:38 AM

NC Wildlife Resources has new enforcement chief

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has a new head of law enforcement.

Mar. 10, 2014 @ 05:26 PM

Senate Democrats aim ire at rich, obscure brothers

Democratic Senate candidates, facing withering criticism on the national health care law, are gambling they can turn voters against two billionaire brothers funding the attacks — even if few Americans would recognize the pair on the street.

Mar. 10, 2014 @ 04:53 PM

US network to scan workers with secret clearances

U.S. intelligence officials are planning a sweeping system of electronic monitoring that would tap into government, financial and other databases to scan the behavior of many of the 5 million federal employees with secret clearances, current and former officials told The Associated Press.

Mar. 10, 2014 @ 03:52 PM

Survey: Uninsured rate drops; health law cited

With just three weeks left to sign up under President Barack Obama's health care law, a major survey tracking the rollout finds that the uninsured rate keeps going down.

Mar. 07, 2014 @ 05:07 PM

McCrory declares emergency in North Carolina

Gov. Pat McCrory has declared a state of emergency for North Carolina in the wake of a winter storm that's left hundreds of thousands without power.

Mar. 07, 2014 @ 12:25 PM

Obama's warnings brushed aside by Russia's Putin

One by one, President Barack Obama's warnings to Russia are being brushed aside by President Vladimir Putin, who appears to only be speeding up efforts to formally stake his claim to Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.

Mar. 06, 2014 @ 04:27 PM

Split NC education board OKs new testing levels

A split North Carolina State Board of Education agreed Thursday to change how students are labeled based on standardized test scores in a move that likely means more students will be considered proficient in skills and courses. It could also mean thousands of third-graders will avoid summer reading camps.

Mar. 06, 2014 @ 02:12 PM

Well-wishers greet Sen. Nesbitt as he returns home

An ailing Sen. Martin Nesbitt is back in Buncombe County after arriving there in an ambulance.

Mar. 05, 2014 @ 05:08 PM

NC higher education seeks employee pay raises, too

The heads of North Carolina's higher education systems have a message for Gov. Pat McCrory and legislative leaders — don't forget about us on educator pay.

Mar. 05, 2014 @ 04:01 PM

North Carolina unemployment claims stay backed up

It's unclear whether North Carolina's unemployment insurance office will meet its goal on clearing a backlog of initial claims that grew as office workers became more deliberative about whether someone qualifies for benefits.

Mar. 05, 2014 @ 03:00 PM

Former IRS official refuses to testify at hearing

The former Internal Revenue Service official at the heart of the agency's tea party scandal once again refused to answer questions at a congressional hearing Wednesday that quickly devolved into political bickering between Democrats and Republicans.

Mar. 05, 2014 @ 01:58 PM

US taking steps to help NATO allies in Europe

The Obama administration took steps Wednesday to support the defenses of U.S. allies in Europe in response to Russia's takeover of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.

Mar. 05, 2014 @ 12:57 PM

2-year extension seen for canceled health plans

The Obama administration will allow a two-year extension for people whose individual health insurance policies don't comply with requirements of the new health care law, helping to defuse a politically difficult election-year issue for Democrats.

Mar. 05, 2014 @ 10:31 AM

State budget director rejects UNC's budget plan

The state budget director has told the University of North Carolina that it needs to re-write its budget plan for the coming year.

Mar. 04, 2014 @ 05:26 PM

Obama's budget: Election-year themes to rally Dems

President Barack Obama's election-year budget seeks to rally fellow Democrats with new help for the working poor and fresh money for road-building, education and research. It also pulls back from controversial cuts to Social Security that had been designed to lure Republicans to the bargaining table.