Another season down

May. 19, 2013 @ 05:46 AM

Just as I felt in December when high school football season came to an abrupt halt, I feel adrift in the sports world now that women’s soccer, track and field, tennis softball and baseball have all come to a close for 2013.

I honestly don’t know what to do with myself now.

Since early February I’ve been in spring sports mode and now all of a sudden I have to leave behind the knowledge of teams and players that I acquired over the months and shift gears to summer.

It almost doesn’t seem right calling them spring sports when the county experienced maybe two weeks of what actually seemed like spring weather. I saw more blankets and heaters at baseball and softball games than I saw during late-season football.

I’ve been able to count on Tuesday and Friday baseball and soccer with the occasional Monday and Wednesday match-ups. I even had the opportunity to mix in local tennis and track stars.

But now it all changes. The emails with track meet results will stop. I’ll take my Carolina Panthers lawn chair (the one I’ve left at numerous softball fields) out of my trunk and put it back in the garage. My favorite press box personalities are set for a nine-month vacation from helping me with scorebooks and names.

Thankfully the past three months are not void of great memories.

I saw my first no-hitter courtesy of R-S Central’s Dustin McEntire.

I watched an East Rutherford JV team storm through the annual Easter tournament to face their varsity counterparts in a game that they nearly, and probably deserved, to win.

And I was once again reminded why watching softball isn’t all that bad. Once you get past the high-pitched screams and cheerleading, the fast-paced game and the fiery competitors make for some incredible games.

And like every season this year, I became acquainted with a great new batch of coaches.

I enjoyed another season with the always-quotable Daniel Bailey, Chase’s head softball coach, and was introduced to baseball coach Matt Tipton who I’ll always remember for looking at my recorder and asking, “Is that thing on?”

Of course I had my fair share of conversations with Bobby Reynolds who, somehow, makes the game of baseball seem incredibly complex yet simple at the same time.

East Rutherford softball coach Julie Powell preached her team concept and her girls responded capturing the conference title.

First-year soccer coach Scott Rumfelt of R-S Central always reminded me that he wasn’t a soccer mind, he was more of a conditioning coach than anything. Honesty is the best policy.

And I watched county journeyman baseball coach Chris White turn a soccer player in David Snyder and a football player in Nathaniel “Shelby” Devon into pitchers that helped his Gryphons into the playoffs.

All in all, it was a great season. And for me, it’s the end of my first year covering high school athletics for Rutherford County. I appreciate the help that all the coaches, administrators and parents provided throughout the year. I certainly learned a lot and I look forward to doing all over again, even bigger and better, starting in August.