Victory is sweet

Oct. 08, 2013 @ 06:13 AM

There was a lot of talk last week in the office leading up to the football showdown between Charlotte and Gardner-Webb. I was eager to spend the Saturday enjoying college football at my alma mater in hopes of earning office bragging rights over my colleague Jacob Conley who eats and breathes Gardner-Webb. We each picked our alma maters to win by triple digits.

Now Jacob only comes into the office once a week to talk about coverage plans, but the chance to drop a friendly reminder of my victory is a delicious thought.

Jacob watched the game from the press box while I endured uniquely high temperatures for an October afternoon.

Throughout the afternoon I had the pleasure of hearing a small group of GWU students make ridiculous claims about the team and try to educate an obviously uninterested spectator about the team’s recent history and players.

And since GWU was playing well throughout most of the game, I heard way more from them than I ever wanted to. If the Charlotte student section actually decided to show up it wouldn’t have been so bad, but fall break took its toll on the 49er faithful

After a 24-24 halftime tie, GWU scored 21 quick points in the third quarter and took a 45-34 lead into the fourth quarter. I thought about leaving. I was hot and I was irritated by the play on the field and the obnoxious boasting behind me. I thought about how Jacob was up in the box grinning from one ear to the other just itching to rub it in my face. However, that last laugh was mine.

Charlotte roared back in the final quarter and outscored GWU 29-6 in the final frame for a 53-51 win.

Once Charlotte went up by 8, the little group behind me scurried from the stands and got its fair share of taunting on the way out. I loved it. Even my girlfriend, a GWU alum, hated them.

It was one of the most amazing games I ever witnessed. Win or loss, I would have walked away amazed.

I learned how resilient a team can be and how for real GWU truly is. I discounted its season to this point but now I see how talented the Bulldogs are, and they’re just down the road.

I can only imagine what was churning through Jacob’s mind as Charlotte took control of the game, I’ll make sure to ask him.

So Jacob, when you come into the office tomorrow afternoon, more than likely draped in red and black attire littered with GWU logos, be ready for my gloating. We knew this day was coming one way or the other. And by the way, in case you haven’t checked, I beat you in fantasy football too.