A fresh start

May. 26, 2013 @ 06:53 AM

It's strange how the changing seasons seem to bring a sense of new beginnings. Everyone is rejuvenated and full of new-found energy.

I think it's safe to say that summer is slowly arriving, even though we skipped spring somehow. I feel comfortable throwing on a pair of shorts in the morning and putting the top down on the convertible with out closely examining the forecast for frosty air.

Every chance I get I'm throwing charcoal in the grill and cooking my own burgers and chicken instead of running to the nearest drive-thru for a quick bite.

Saturday morning I couldn't help but feel the sense of a fresh start. Despite feeling a little under the weather I headed into work ready to take on a new season of sports. I even took the old Explorer to get a long overdue oil change from the friendly guys at Fast Break Oil Change in Spindale. And even though those men had to work on Saturday all antsy for a day off on Monday, they were as helpful and high-spirited as ever. I think they felt it too.

The new start extends into the sports world here in Rutherford County. We all hated to see the prep sports season come to a close but it won't be long before we're waist-deep in Legion and Coastal Plain League baseball. Not to mention the Little League season that's in full swing.

Friday I took a trip over to McNair Field to meet the new Owls head coach David Tufo. He had just arrived in the county late Thursday night from California but was still spirited and excited as could be for the upcoming season.

The entire mood around the stadium electric. The sun was bright and the winds were pretty steady over the field, strong enough that a few of grounds crew members took a break to fly a kite.

Owls players began arriving from all over the country Saturday morning in preparation for opening day on Tuesday.

For many of the players it will be their first year playing CPL baseball. It's Tufo's first year as a head coach, alone at the helm of a team full of players only a few years younger than himself. And it's my first season covering a team that plays nearly every day throughout the summer.

The excitement of the organization is through the roof, and so is mine as I'm ready for the challenge and the fun that awaits.

So with the warm weather that finally decided to come our way and the upcoming vacation season, take the opportunity to head out and enjoy some local baseball at McNair Field. Whether you're a big Owls fan or have more of a taste for local Legion action, you won't be disappointed.