Hindsight is 20/20

Feb. 17, 2013 @ 06:46 AM

This past Tuesday the Chase Trojans hosted the first and second rounds of the NCHSAA wrestling tournament.

Chase fell to Forrest Hills 38-33 in the first round and the Yellow Jackets went on to fall to Owen in the second round.

Early in the match the Trojans could have sent out an injured wrestler and avoided a double-forfeit in the 106-pound weight class. However, Chase head coach Adam Dedmon chose to hold out the injured Chris Frontena who broke his elbow in practice the night before the match.

The forfeit would have been good for six points. Six points that would have given the Trojans a 39-38 win and trip into the second round.

Despite the loss, Dedmon made the right decision. His refused a cheap six points and let the match play out on the mats.

"I feel like I made the right decision as a coach," Dedmon said. "We had several chances to win the match."

Needless to say, Dedmon thinks of how his decision changed the course the night.

"The thought has crossed my mind several times but there's other things I could have done to win the match," Dedmon said. "I don't regret my decision. It helps me sleep a little easier."

In an era where cheating and playing dirty has become commonplace, it's nice to see a coach that still has the capability to look beyond wins and losses.

"I really think we could have given Owen a better run then what they did," Dedmon said. "I could have unwrapped his arm, ran him out there and raised his hand, and if he was healthy I would have. I hadn't really talked it over with his parents either so I felt it was best not to let him wrestle."

So for any parents or fans of Chase wrestling, appreciate the fact that you have a top-notch human being running your program. I would trade six points and a win for a great coach and person any day of the week.

It's hard for a coach to relinquish something that could prove beneficial for his team, and it's even harder for a young wrestler who couldn't help his teammate.

"He wanted to take the forfeit and it even hurt him that he couldn't help out the team.," Dedmon said of Frontena. "It showed a lot that he really wanted to help our team."

So in the end, the Trojans closed their season as a team and shifted their focus to individual competition. Who would have thought that the one of the best stories of the year came from a loss. Thank you, Coach Dedmon for restoring some hope for humanity in the world of sports. Hopefully this good karma pays off for Chase in the future.