Tiger, Rory, here I come

May. 05, 2013 @ 07:49 AM

To all you area golf courses and driving ranges, consider this your warning. I bought my first set of golf clubs over the weekend.

After playing a couple rounds over the past year or so I figured it as time to invest in a set of my own. I'm not taking a huge dive into the golf world seeing as this particular set was found via an online classifieds service that I'm sure we're all familiar with. So now that I've parted with $80 in exchange for a nice golf bag, a set of clubs and a collection of misfit, dirty golf balls, I plan to actually turn the occasional round of comic relief into an actual hobby. Don't hold me to it though, for the past two months I've told myself to train for a 5k I regretfully signed up for months ago. And unless you consider typing and eating chocolate as training, I haven't held up my end of the bargain on that front.

But seriously, I intend on getting to a range once or twice a week in an attempt to build a swing that isn't followed with an eruption of laughter.

Growing up I never had much of an issue with hand-eye coordination so I don't think I'll have a problem hitting the ball, I just wish I could give myself a rough idea of where that pesky white ball will land.

This purchase of clubs gives me no excuse now. I have really all I need to practice. In the past I'd have to borrow clubs every time I went to play. I felt like a burden as it was with my errant shots and uncanny ability to lose golf balls, but to ask to do that with someone else's equipment added insult to injury. Now I can be pitiful all on my own. And I have the necessities to go out and make myself a decent beginner.

Now when a four-man tournament rolls around I won't be avoided like the plague when a group needs a fourth. Now I can pretend to be fancy with golf clubs in the back of my little red BMW. Now I can develop a love/hate relationship with the game that nearly every player seems to have.

So if your a course or range out there and you want to help out an aspiring young golfer, let me know. But if you want to avoid any and all divots possible, be on the lookout.

Now all kidding aside, I'm excited. It's been a while since I've really taken something up. Hopefully my new second-hand clubs and poor mechanics help me find some weekend relaxation and refuge.

I look forward to seeing you all on the links in the future, and if you spot me, feel free to throw me a pointer or two. But most importantly, try not to laugh.