Super Bowl...Monday?

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 07:33 AM

The Super Bowl started as a showcase of the best professional football teams.

It wasn't long before Joe Namath brought the big game into pop culture with his guarantee before Super Bowl III while laying poolside amongst a handful of reporters.

As the game progressed an popularity grew it was just a matter of time until the Super Bowl became just as much about the commercials and halftime shows as it was about the actual game.

It has gotten to the point where advertisers can't even refer to the Super Bowl as the Super Bowl. Copyright laws require them to refer to to it as the "big game."

For the past two years over 111 million people watched the big game.

The previous record, set last season at 111.7 million viewers, is expected to be broken this coming Sunday as the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Raven square off in New Orleans.

With the absolute monster that the Super Bowl has become, there is now a petition floating around online that would declare the Monday after the game as a national holiday.

As a sports fan, I'm all about honoring such a sporting event and getting a day of in addition. I'm sure all you bank employees out there are itching for another day off as well to add to your seemingly endless list.

The argument for the holiday is that so many Americans stay up on Super Bowl Sunday to enjoy the spectacle amongst friends that are stuffing nachos and chicken wings into their bellies while chasing those goodies with ice-cold brews of their choice, that roads would be safer after the game and workplaces wouldn't have a Monday of such low productivity.

Honestly, I think it seems a little ridiculous, but who doesn't like a night of fun without waking up early for work the next morning?

If you feel that an extra Monday off sounds good, I encourage you to find the online petition and throw your initials onto the list. Because again, no one wants to get up and go to work with a tummy full of the previous night's grub that's bound to hunch you over at your desk.

What's more American than the Super Bowl, good friends, hot wings, cold beer and a Monday laying on the couch?