What I hope to see

Mar. 17, 2013 @ 08:02 AM

Thursday afternoon I watched my alma mater, UNC Charlotte, pull off one of the wildest victories I have ever seen. In the opening round of the Atlantic 10 basketball tournament, the 49ers trailed Richmond 63-60 with less than five seconds left on the game clock. Three technical fouls and eight made free throws later, the 49ers advanced with a 68-63 win.

This year's tournament is held in Brooklyn, N.Y., home of the Brooklyn Nets. Until this year it was held in Atlantic City, N.J.

Last year when I was the sports editor of the Niner Times, Charlotte's student publication, the school offered to pay my way to the tournament to cover our men's team. Unfortunately for me, the team failed to make the tournament and the school found no reason to send me.

Luckily for this year's editors, two writers that I worked with in college and consider good friends, the 49ers made the trip to Brooklyn and the Niner Times sent the sports staff to chronicle Thursday's win.

Seeing my friends post updates from the floor to Twitter and share pictures from post-game press conferences made me, for lack of a better word, jealous. It got me thinking about all the events that I hope to cover in my journalistic career.

Most of my dream events are well out of reach, but one day I plan to be credentialed for each and every one of them.

The first I plan to check off is a Divison I football game. I hope to attend more than one this upcoming season as Charlotte begins its program and hosts nearby Gardner-Webb in 2013. We also have a pair of brothers, Tray and Carlos Watkins, squaring off as Tray's South Carolina State Bulldogs travel to Clemson early in the 2013 season.

Also during the fall, I hope to become a credentialed press member for the Carolina Panthers. I'm sure the NFL is a monster unlike any other, but I'm certainly up to the challenge.

As the high school seasons come and go I hope to follow a local team to a state championship. This past year I was ready to pack my bags for Chapel Hill to cover basketball, but as we all hate to remember, those plans were foiled.

Eventually I want to cover a major basketball tournament. When I say major I don't mean Big South, SoCon or even Atlantic 10. I'm thinking ACC, Big Ten and even the NCAA Tournament.

I honestly have little interest in covering NBA basketball. I've also covered a NASCAR All-Star Race and the Coca-Cola 600, but I don't much care to cover NASCAR events again. It's cool to have access to pit road and the garage, but the actual event in itself isn't too intriguing. I guess a Daytona 500 or a night race at Bristol might change, so I'll consider it.

And every sports reporter wants to cover the Super Bowl, but I'm not so sure if it's right for me. The circus involved with the biggest event in sports seem daunting to me. However, I hope to check the biggest night in sports off my journalistic bucket list.

The ultimate for me would be a World Series. Especially one that my Yankees are involved in. Hopefully when I get the chance they'll go seven games so I can soak up everything involved.

Baseball is probably my favorite sport to cover. The slow pace off the game allows me to enjoy every detail and nuance of the game while still interacting with countless characters and coaches.

But anyways, as I wait patiently for the pleasure to cover these big events I'll sit back and enjoy all that Rutherford County has to offer.