I'm ready for 2014

Jan. 02, 2014 @ 05:07 AM

I hope all my readers had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. My holiday season was certainly a busy one. From covering 12 games in three days at the Cherryville Christmas Tournament, to my Indiana Jones-like quest to find Panthers playoff tickets New Year’s Day, I’ve been busy.

The last week has been a microcosm of what I want 2014 to be. Christmas Day itself, was filled with family and laughter and lots of gifts under the tree. Some I expected others, I didn’t. Each day in 2014 is a gift to be unwrapped also and I want to treat it that way. But life would be so boring if it goes how you expect it to all the time. I want some surprises.

Some days could be good surprises, like the second season Mama’s Family from my aunt or you could have bad day and get the proverbial pair of pajamas and socks. Then again, some days will be a gift card. You get to choose what you do with it. But no matter what gift each day holds, you should still be thankful because even a day filled with pajamas and socks is better than having no gift at all.

Professionally, I hope 2014 is filled with experiences like I had at the Christmas tournament. Not only did I see some great basketball, I got to spend the weekend with some amazing people.

The tournament organizers were so hospitable, bending over backwards to make sure I had everything I needed. What I enjoyed the most though was just talking to the players and the coaches while we were waiting for their games to tip off.

I usually am so busy covering the game, I don’t get to interact with players that much, aside from the occasional interview. This past week, I got to see another side to them and it just reinforced something I already knew. Rutherford County has some of the finest young people on the planet.

Covering them for 12 games in three days was exhausting, but well worth it.  It was one of the more enjoyable experiences I had in 2013. I am so blessed to keep covering our county athletes in 2014, no matter the sport.

There was no rest for the weary on New Year’s Eve. I went through a gamut of emotions listening to the Duke Bowl game. Even though the Blue Devils lost, I hope 2014 is filled with those emotions.

Some people may say that they want to experience the happiness that comes with a win, but I’m not one of them. You have to lose sometimes to fully appreciate a win. If a team won every time they played, no one would watch them. Fans watch sports for the uncertainty.  You might see something new and different on every play. Of course, most of the time, it’s just the same ordinary play you see over and over again. But sometimes you see something that makes you go “wow!”. I hope your new year is full of “wow” moments.

Finally, I hope 2014 is one of big dreams. I didn’t get any Panthers tickets because they sold out in less than three minutes, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I was working the phones and the internet as soon as the clock struck 10 a.m. when the tickets went on sale. Maybe the Panthers will beat the Saints or the Eagles and I’ll get another chance at tickets for the NFC Championship game or maybe even the Super Bowl. Hey, it never hurts to dream big.

Life can be that way sometimes too. Sometimes you don’t get something no matter how much you want it or how hard you try. But don’t give up. They may be something bigger and better waiting for you around the corner.  

Happy New Year, everybody!