For those behind the scenes

Jan. 06, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Every day and night I focus on the youth of Rutherford County that takes the field, court, pool or mats. Well not this column.

All the events I attend are focused on the kids but the parents, teachers and volunteers in the background are what make it all happen.

They are the ones that support their teams no matter the sport, no matter their talent level and no matter the time of year or day.

From those in the ticket booth to those pouring hot cheese on the nachos in the concession stands.

Then you have the parents that are in the stands cheering on their child no matter where they go. I see them every night regardless of whether the game is home or away.

Saturday morning at the Central Duals at R-S Central High School was one of the greatest displays I've seen of team support.

I walked into a chilly R-S Central gym and moseyed over sleepily to a seat to find the best area to shot pictures. My tummy grumbled and I regretted my decision not to run by a drive-thru and grab a biscuit. I figured there was no chance the concession stand would be open at 9 a.m., and even if it was, who over the age of 5 wants popcorn or a chocolate bar for breakfast?

I decided to take a chance and by some source of divinity, they were serving pancakes! I had to wash down my four pancakes with a Mountain Dew, but beggars can't be choosers at a frigid high school gym on a Saturday morning.

Inside the gym were parents still bundled up to brave the indoor elements as their wrestlers risked sickness to compete in their singlets. They were hollering, screaming, working video camcorders and taking pictures.

Whenever they recognized me they made a point to thank me for the coverage that their more than often overlooked sports has received in the past months.

It's amazing to see parents that choose to support their own over anything else on a Saturday morning.

It's obvious this is a community that loves their children and they show it every night. I hope the kids realize it because I know that I sure do.