Trojan stars shine in easy win

Sep. 10, 2013 @ 06:51 AM
The Chase Trojans pulled off an incredible come from behind victory in Week 1 over Newton Conover, but their Week 3 win over Bandys was much less stressful for the Chase faithful and coaching staff.
After Bandys jumped out to a 7-0 lead just three minutes into the game, Chase tallied 38 unanswered points and cruised to a 38-13 win to go to 2-0 on the season.
“The biggest question we had coming into the game was if we came in a got a lead, could sustain it? A lot of times it’s easier to come back from two touchdowns than get a lead on a team like Bandys and hold it,” Chase head coach Daniel Bailey said. “Our guys really responded well after they got that quick touchdown to start the game.”
The Chase triple-option offense flourished with quarterback Tyrell Boykins at the helm. Bailey praised Boykins and his reads throughout the night as he rushed for 77 yards and threw for 67 more including a 34-yard touchdown strike to speedster Dace Rollins.
And with the playmakers Chase has in Boykins, Rollins, and running backs Josh Wright and Jordan O’Rouke, the triple option is tough to stop no matter what defenses key on.
“We felt like our offense would generate a lot of points we do have a little speed this year so that really opens up a lot of things,” Bailey said. “Friday night [O’Rourke] was more of a decoy in the first half. They were keying in on him so much that it opened up plays for other kids. And you credit Tyrell for making the right reads and realizing that they were keying on Jordan and the pitch.”
O’Rouke scored one touchdown on a 16-yard run, but most of his noise was made on the defensive side of the ball where he had three interceptions. Wright was the offensive star of the evening with 204 yards rushing and two touchdowns. However, Bailey doesn’t give Wright all the credit.
“You don’t run for over 200 yards if your offensive line isn’t doing something right,” Bailey said. “He was getting hit, but he was getting hit on the second level. We talked to our offensive line about how he got about 1,100 yards last year but he was getting hit at the line of scrimmage. Now they’re really starting to take care of things up front for him.”
One aspect from Friday night that Bailey hopes doesn’t reappear in this week’s game with Burns – cramping.
Both Boykins and O’Rouke were relegated to the bench with cramps throughout the game forcing second team players to fill the voids. Bailey highlighted the importance of the second team’s readiness in the postgame huddle.
“I challenged these guys and told that they might not be a starter but they need to be prepared because at a key moment they could be the one in there carrying the load,” Bailey said. “This week we need to keep challenging the second team to make sure they can go in and finish things off if we need them to.”
Ideally, however, Bailey will only have to rely on his proven entities against the Bulldogs on Friday night.
“Hopefully we’ll be in better shape next week,” Bailey said after the game. “We’ll just have to start earlier in the week and get our fluids in.”