Cavalier alums getting ready to suit up

Jan. 03, 2013 @ 08:06 AM

For a large chunk of East Rutherford alumi, their football career in red and black isn't over yet.

On Saturday, Jan. 12 nearly 50 former Cavaliers will suit up and do battle on the gridiron against another set of Cavaliers, those from East Burke High School.

The players signed up online at and before they knew it they were slated to play county rival R-S Central.

"It's all word of mouth," Alumni Football USA representaive John Hamlin said. "One guy plays, gets fired up, talks about it and other guys want to play."

According to Hamlin, the game with Central fell through and East was rescheduled to play East Burke.

The East Rutherford team has been practicing every Wednesday night at Dunbar School and Saturday and Sunday at the East Rutherford practice fields.

Tickets for the event cost 10 dollars and are being sold by the alumni players and the Big Red Boosters Club.

Advanced ticket sales are split 50/50 with Alumni Football USA and the sponsored high schools along with other funds the players choose. Tickets sold the day of the actual event go solely to the selling organization.

"We focus on three things: Jesus, raising money and playing football," Hamlin said. "Anything we can do for those things we're all about. Our loyalty is with the guys that play."

This game allows those with common bonds to play with other Cavaliers from all sorts of generations vary in age from 18-48.

Hamlin, an Asheville native, has also competed in his high school's alumni game.

"I got to play with my older brother for the first time and I know how much it meant to me."

To purchase a ticket you can contact the Big Red Booster Club or speak with any of the alumni players.