2012-13 Daily Courier All-County basketball

Mar. 26, 2013 @ 05:09 AM

High school basketball seemed to come and go with the blink of an eye. Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating fastbreak dunks and 3-pointers and now it’s all in the rearview mirror.

However, the 2012-13 season left the county with plenty of memories and plenty of outstanding individual performances. The following five men and women we’re chosen by The Daily Courier as the best of the best and named to this year’s All-County Team:

Head coach Joe Jessen on Blanton: “Shad’s shot really came around over the summer and we relied on his scoring a lot. He provided the most firepower for us and once his shot caught fire we went as he went.”

Head coach Brad Levine on Boykins: “DeVonte is my warrior. He’s one speed all the time and that’s what I appreciate the most about him. He practices the same way he plays...full speed ahead all the time.”

Levine on Watkins: “T.J. is relentless on defense night in and night out and probably the best athlete in the gym throughout his entire career.”

Levine on Waldroup-Rodriguez: “Travis is just a very pure shooter and a great scorer. He became a very good team player throughout the year.”

Head coach Greg Wright on Whitesides: “He was obviously someone who evolved into a team leader for us this year on both ends of the floor. I think he caught some people off guard by beingso productive but we knew what we had in him. He’s just extremely competitive and hates to lose and that’s one of the traits that makes him successful.”

Head coach Darius Fuller on Watkins: “Alyssia was the emotional leader of the team and our floor captain. She showed great leadership in her play and we went as she went in a lot of ways.”

Fuller on Bristol: “Tia is a player that is a hard-worker and gives us a lot defensively and in transition. She led quietly and just went out there and did what she did. She’s just a joy to coach.”

Fuller on Twitty: “Let’s just say I’ve never had a player average a double-double in her freshman year. We’re defintly looking for great things from her over the next three years.

Head coach Larry Ross on Camp: “Rachel is one of the best players in the country right now. To go out and score 31 points per night against some of the competition we played was impressive.”

Head coach Todd Davis on Smart: “Kaitlyn really played great for us all year down in the post. She averaged a double-double all year and was just a very coachable player. She always did what I asked from her and there’s isn’t much more you can ask for from a player.”

Second Teams:


Jay Blanton R-S Central

Jaylen Hollis R-S Central

Roddric Ross East Rutherford

Jarvis Hopper East Rutherford

Efrim Borders Thomas Jefferson



Shay Dewberry East Rutherford

Justina Greene East Rutherford

Victoria Bennett Thomas Jefferson

Anna Dedmon Thomas Jefferson

Kendra Holcombe Chase