Big Red Football Boosters tee off

May. 05, 2013 @ 06:47 AM

It wasn’t ideal weather, but it was still an ideal cause.

The Big Red Football Boosters Club held its fifth annual golf tournament Saturday to benefit the football programs at East Rutherford High School and East Rutherford Middle School.

Seven teams of four took to the Forest City Golf Course in a quest for the $640 first-place prize, but greater than the fun that comes with a day on the course was the cause the tournament benefited.

According to board member Jamie Powell, the tournament raised over $3,000 that will go towards new uniforms for the two programs.

The seven teams each paid $240 to play the course and over 30 businesses sponsored holes along the course for $100 a pop.

The golf outing breaks up the usual fundraising season filled with membership drives and Boston butt sales.

“A lot of businesses support use in the community with stuff like hole sponsorships so it’s clear that Cavalier football is important to them,” Powell said.

Powell and other board members Kenny Mace, BJ Hamilton and Jody Wright share a common bond as member’s of the 1986 Cavalier football team.

“We all played together so we know what Cavalier football means to us and the community and we want to put as much into it as we can,” Powell said.

As much as the tournament is about bringing together fans of Cavalier football and having fun, its about funding the program and keeping the tradition alive at East Rutherford.

“It taught us a lot of values in life,” Powell said. “It taught us commitment, integrity, work ethic, teamwork and priorities. A lot of those values don’t get instilled these days so we feel it’s important for us to carry on that mission the we benefited from.”

Everyone on the course Saturday believes in the Cavalier way and the impact a young man’s life. They invest their time and money in a cause worth supporting.

“We believe in the program that much,” Powell said. “There’s something special about Cavalier pride and the red and black.”