Logan’s special play

Nov. 14, 2013 @ 06:26 AM

Anyone who plays football dreams of scoring a touchdown. From the first time they put on shoulder pads, cleats and a helmet, they have visions of crossing the goal line for a score. One young man realized that dream last Thursday and in doing so, accomplished far more than putting six points on the scoreboard.

That young man’s name is John Logan and he is a member of the East Rutherford JV football team. According to family and friends, he “loves, loves, loves” football. He also has some special needs, but that didn’t stop him  from taking part in what I think is one of the biggest plays in Rutherford County football history.

With East trailing 35-0 against county rival Chase late in the fourth quarter, Logan came in the game. East coaches called a special play, “John Right”.

The play was designed for Logan to take the handoff, run to his right and then to the end zone. Logan went left instead, but that didn’t matter. He still found pay dirt from 35 yards away and was escorted in the end zone by his Cavalier teammates, as well as the Trojans. Logan also scored the two-point conversion which accounted for all the East points in the 35-8 game.

According to reports, as the final seconds ticked off the clock, Logan’s teammates picked him up and carried him off the field Rudy style, giving Logan and the rest of the players on the field a memory they will never forget.

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But what the Cavaliers did is only part of the story.

I don’t want to overlook the Trojans’ role in this special moment. They could have stopped Logan from scoring and probably preserved a shutout, which is quite rare in football. They could have been selfish, but instead they gave Logan a great gift. They understood that life is not always all about what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for others. 

It did not matter that the other person was wearing red and black and had an “E” on his helmet. For that moment, the Cavaliers and Trojans came together into one football family. 

Stories like this make me proud to say that I am an alumni of Chase High School and to a greater degree a resident of Rutherford County. Well done, Cavaliers and Trojans.

Logan’s incredible moment also shows what football and all sports are really about. In this day and age of locker room bullying and other scandals, it’s nice to see that some people understand that sports are meant to lift each other up, not to tear down.

The same can be said about all aspects of life. All too often, we are divided by politics, religion, race and other issues.  Why can’t we come together, forget about what we want and our own agenda and work together to accomplish something great ? That’s exactly what John Logan, East, and Chase did. They set the example. Now we just need to follow it.