Time to pay attention

Mar. 16, 2014 @ 07:10 AM

It's no secret that unlike the vast majority of sports fans in the region, I don't care all that much for college basketball. Honestly, no college sport really intrigues me.

However, I do enjoy March Madness.

March Madness and the NCAA tournament is a glorious occasion because it cures the ailment that I have with college basketball, it shrinks the field to just 68 teams.

I don't care to follow college sports because there are just way too many teams to keep up with. And with all those teams I have to deal with thousands of players that have nearly no impact on anything meaningful throughout the entire season.

I have no desire to sit in front of my television at night and watch a snoozer of a game between Iowa State and Northwestern. I have no desire to even sit down and take in a low-level ACC game between Florida State and Wake Forest. I marvel at those that truly enjoy a college basketball game regardless of the teams.

And with so many teams comes so much terrible basketball. Now I say this with all due respect to the local teams I cover, but I watch enough subpar basketball on a weekly basis to where I don't itch to spend my afternoon watching 35 percent shooting nights and missed layups.

Yes, I'll watch Duke/Carolina. I'll watch games that have national relevance. I'll watch games that have something serious on the line for each team, but I won't watch a regular season matchup that determines who will be the 10th or 11th seed in the conference tournament.

Even when I do watch a Duke/Carolina game or a conference tournament championship, it's a stretch to say that I truly enjoy it. I don't know the guys on the court. I don't have a dog in the fight and even those games are a mere drop in the bucket for a season that has absolutely no relevance until March. I watch hoping for a wild finish or memorable moment. I wish more fans would run onto the court during the game to shower coaches with curse words just so I can justify spending spending my afternoon watching No-Name University and Who Cares College trade bricks for two hours.

But enough of my angst for college hoops, because I certainly understand and enjoy the hype that surrounds tournament time.

Now I never quite understood why my best friend would lay out of school on the opening day of the NCAA tournament just to watch hours of basketball, but I certainly enjoy watching the scoreboards online hoping to see those yearly upsets that shatter brackets across the country.

Speaking of brackets, this year's Daily Courier Office Bracket Challenge will be mine this time around. Erin Kidd managed to rally last year and overtake me in the closing rounds, but I will not fall victim a second time.