Trojans hit the road in Week 1

Aug. 23, 2013 @ 05:51 AM

Daniel Bailey and his Chase Trojans are taking their triple option attack on the road tonight to open the 2013 season. And for the Trojans, they’ll see a mirror-image of themselves in a Newton Conover team that plays a similar style of football.

“It's going to be a game of two teams that are very similar to one another,” Bailey said. “We both run option football so it'll be about taking care of our defensive responsibilities. We have to play disciplined defense. We really worked hard this week on the kids understanding their responsibilities on the fullback, quarterback and pitch man.”

The convenient things about playing a team so similar to your own – practices are easier.

“The second team gets to run and rep their own plays so it just helps you that much more offensively,” Bailey said. “It helps that you know what you're looking at. It's still very hard to stop when it's run correctly.”

However, Newton Conover has the same advantage. Bailey hopes to negate that.

“We want to make sure we give them some different looks and force them to adjust,” Bailey said. “They don't run as many formations as we do so that kind of helps us prepare defensively. But you have to be ready for double tight end sets, empty sets, overload sets and others. We've made sure that we're prepared for all of those.”

Offensively, the Trojans know what they have in quarterback Tyrell Boykins and Josh Wright, but they need the front five to create opportunities.

“The key is the offensive line having to step up and create holes and seams for our backs,” Bailey said.

The key for Chase on defense starts up front as well.

“On defense, our front seven needs to step up and make plays,” Bailey said. “In our scrimmages our defensive backs had to make way too many tackles, and when they're making tackles it means that the offense is getting a lot of yards. They're more apt to bite on play action if they feel they have to make the tackles.”

It won’t be easy for the Trojans opening the season on the road against stout competition.

“The kids know Newton Conover is a solid program,” Bailey said. “We get to see early how we perform on the road. It's a different mindset.”

Bailey and the Trojan faithful hope to see the navy and gold return with its first win of the season.

“[Getting the first win] gives the kids a chance to take a breather but the biggest thing is to go out and perform at your best,” Bailey said. “I've seen a lot of team win games and not perform well. We'll look at the scoreboard when the game's over.”

Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. at Newton Conover.