My years as a Girl Scout

Mar. 01, 2013 @ 05:44 AM

I recently enjoyed some of those treasures that only come around every so often. That’s right, I purchased and quickly devoured some Girl Scout cookies.
I only bought one box this time because I know how dangerous they can be when you buy multiple boxes.
My favorite are the Peanut Butter Patties, although I also tried the Lemonades that we were given as a free sample and they were pretty tasty. I am starting to think that maybe I should have frozen some to eat later in the year. Oh well, too late now.
Back in the day, I was a Girl Scout. My momma was my troop leader and most of my best friends were in the troop. I started out as a Brownie and made it up to the Juniors before our troop disbanded.
We had weekly meetings at my elementary school and I enjoyed collecting those badges to make my vest look beautiful. Some of my memories from those years include sleepovers at the school, making baklava for a cooking project and of course selling Girl Scout cookies.
My momma and I would go to the Girl Scout store and look at badges and get ideas for our troop. Those are some of my first shopping memories.
For one activity, our troop spent the night at Camp Keyauwee in Sophia. Luckily, it wasn’t real hardcore camping. They had bathrooms and showers. I am not a camper.
Anyway, if I remember correctly, we just stayed over one night but we really thought we were roughing it. We took walks through the woods, made crafts and enjoyed campfire food.
We stayed in tents that were elevated off of the ground with wooden platforms. One of the girls who was in my tent, Christina Craven, had the misfortune of rolling around a little too much in her sleep and falling out of the tent. It was a very scary moment. One minute she was there and the next she was outside and crying.
One of the best trips we took was to the Outer Banks. I remember riding in the back of a van with my best friends, singing Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” and Will Smith’s “Gettin Jiggy With It,” at the top of our lungs. Very appropriate for 10 year olds. I think we even got to get out of school early to leave for the weekend. That was special and made us feel important.
During the trip, we climbed lighthouses, visited Kitty Hawk and learned about the Wright Brothers and saw them moving Cape Hatteras Lighthouse back to protect it from the Atlantic Ocean.
My Girl Scout career ended shortly after that. Staying in it just got too difficult with all of the other extra-curricular activities I was involved in. But, I thoroughly enjoyed being a Girl Scout and I would encourage young girls in the area to find a troop and get involved.
I would also encourage everyone to buy Girl Scout cookies. You know you love them.