The Limitless Empowerment of the SELF

Jun. 11, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Hello to you all, dear readers.

I hope you are doing wonderful.

I just wanted to thank each of you for all of the time you have taken over the past year to read the things I've had to say here in this Wednesday column spot.

I know we have had some interesting times here on this page, romps through the woods with my nephews, informative lessons about art and photography, stories about fuzzy worms and those amazing cicadas, moments devoted to choice ranting on pop culture nerdiness, and even times where I simply allowed my emotions at that moment to construct the words for me.

Over all this time that we have shared together, today is a day that I have longed for more than any other.

A day when I could finally say Hello to you with my head held high and welcome fully the experience of the moment for myself.

We each have choices for ourselves that need to be made each day. Some easy, others painful. In the past I have found myself more and more lost in fearful hesitation and needless worry about making the correct ones.

Perhaps you, yourself struggle with this feeling of being trapped in the life you are leading, knowing that somewhere along the way any sense of purpose and true, honest meaning was lost.

You have discovered that what you thought was the perfect situation, was actually a prison for the very soul.

Allow me if you will, to share once more some simple friendly words.

Have no regret, resentment or remorse for anything from your past. That's step one.

You must know that everything that has happened, has put you right here reading this column today, well aware of all the things making you confused and unhappy in your own life.

Know that you DO have the power to get back your own life as well.

You can become so lost and held down at times, that you find yourself ready to give-up fully and accept that this current way of life is just how things are and you don't matter any more.

This is nothing but a hurtful lie, to yourself, perpetuated by whatever Oppressive Factor you cannot yet overcome.

Change can happen. You can start over. You can be free... but you cannot do it alone. You WILL need help... and here's how you find it.

Inside of you resides the most important part of what makes you, you. A specific feeling inside, that operates under the surface as an intuitive compass of self-driven direction.

This is called Self-Empowerment and it is most valuable part of you ever. This thing is Awesome, believe me!

However... through many choices that you made in which you felt uncomfortable making, your Self-Empowerment has become completely suppressed by the earlier mentioned Oppressive Factor. These choices have fueled it's growth and allowed a routine of repressive action to be established in which you blindly obey without question... thus leaving you drained of all ambition and lust for life.

There is one important thing though for you to remember, Self-Empowerment can NEVER actually be destroyed.

It can be revived, and your life reset to the place it all went wrong.

You are going need Self-Empowerment back, if you are to ever overcome and break free from the Oppressive Factor that's killing your spirit.

If confrontation with the Oppressive Factor is attempted alone without Self-Empowerment restored, then failure is certain. You will not be strong enough to draw from what you truly stand for as a person, and you will loose the fight to a web of lies and guilt-infused manipulation, seeding you further down for the count.

It is only through the help and guidance of family and friends that you will awaken fully to the reality of what everyone else already knew and at times was trying to warn you about.

It's from the love and care of those in your life that are REAL, that you will gain the strength for yourself to stand up tall and face all fears with clarity and determination.

Just know this exorcism towards enlightenment could take hours that might turn into days and the lines of reality will blur a bit but that is normal for someone fully experiencing a total shift in their balance of power.

Once you regain your Self-Empowerment you will begin to live once more as the person you were meant to be. It will feel strange and refreshing but also familiar and correct, you will know that you are where you should be in mind, body and soul.

That's how you know you are free, when you can face the Oppressive Factor head on, face to face and see it for what it really is.

There is nothing more powerful than knowing that from this point forward you only need to listen to yourself and do what you feel and know is right in any situation.

Doubt does not exist anymore.

It's this trust and respect for yourself that will provide the natural energizing high for life that will carry you on to greater things. You will also see it's not too late to live your life, and reconnect with all those people who have missed the real you for years.

Confidently know that you can say NO because you want to, it's OK to disappoint others if that means staying on your path.

You never again have to live to please everyone else and especially the Oppressive Factor.

If a request, or action to take, feels correct to yo, your instinct will let you know and you will almost in a clairvoyant manner know that you will succeed and accomplish what you set out to do solely because that's the path you know, deep down, you were supposed to chose anyway.

Remember always dear friend that with that next step, you just took, everything that happens was going to happen because of YOU. YOU already know that the path YOU are on is the correct one and that this invincible feeling of Self-Empowerment and just pure being, although new and exciting right now, provides an honest acknowledgement that YOU are finally living life for YOU.