I’m not getting any younger

Jun. 10, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

If nothing else came from my Sunday with the family, I realized that age may be more than just a number.

My wife and kids really wanted to get out of the house and do something together. After a winter cooped up in the house, a case of cabin fever was really setting in with the family.

So, my wife diligently went to work to find something around the area we would all enjoy. She came up with something I have wanted to do since moving here but never really made the time to do … tubing down a river.

We found a spot along the Green River to tube and, in all hopes, just relax.

On Sunday, we all packed into the vehicle and made the trek to start the adventure.

Now, being from Kansas, there isn’t a lot of options like tubing down a river. Because there aren’t a lot of those opportunities, I have always been accused of not getting in touch with my outdoor side.

Not true.

Growing up, I spent all my days outside. From playing baseball and basketball to even getting my green thumb, I always loved being outside.

So, needless to say, I was pretty excited about our trip Sunday.

There was the air of the unexpected in not knowing where the tubing adventure would lead us, what we would see and how it would all come together.

It started off pretty relaxed. I had one of the twins tied to me which was a great connection experience. I was able to really talk to Jordan and we had a lot of fun.

Of course, we all got laughs when another member of our party struggled with some of the currents and found themselves near the bank of the river.

But, it wasn’t until we got to the half-way point of the journey when things got interesting.

The rapids along the Green River aren’t violent by any stretch, but they can catch you off-guard at times.

I was tied up with Nathan and Jordan this time and, when it looked like things would get rough, I untied Jordan because he is much lighter and I figured he would just float over the rapids … which was true.

I stayed connected to Nathan because my thought was the weight of both of us would carry us around any treacherous waters we might get into to.

That might not have been the best idea.

I got caught on top of a rock and couldn’t get around it. In the midst of it, I tried to untie Nathan but, instead, we both got flipped over and carried under the current. That current carried me for about a minute before I could regain my footing on the river bottom and get upright.

It wasn’t until about a minute after that the pain set in.

I felt it everywhere. From my feet to my back, it was excruciating. But, I was not about to let that hamper the experience.

Finally, when we got home, I hobbled around as if I had just been in a prize fight. I was beaten and bruised.

It was that point I realized I wasn’t getting any younger.

Regardless of the pain I still felt on Monday, I remain determined to not let that get in the way of spending time with my family doing those things outside the norm.

Hurting aside, it was a great experience that I look forward to doing again.

Matthew Clark is the editor of The Daily Courier. He can be reached at mclark@thedigitalcourier.com. Follow him on Twitter @TDCMatt.