The ABCs of life

Nov. 14, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

My friends always told me I would make a great teacher. And if I had to choose another profession besides a journalist, teaching would be a close second.

Teachers play an important role in society and the development of children and young adults. They are the people who educate the youth of society who are tomorrow's leaders. They are the people who are imparting knowledge upon children in their most impressionable years.

Chances are what kids learn from their teachers at a young age will most likely stick with them in some fashion for the rest of their lives.

The youth are in fact one of the most significant aspects of any society because they represent the future and the direction that society will take. Teachers take on a challenging role educating kids and helping to develop their knowledge so that they are able to progress through life as responsible, productive members of a community.

I imagine it is not as easy as teachers make it look.

Every person has attended school for part of his or her life, and can attest to the fact that teachers who truly care about their job can have positive effects on students.

I recall teachers during my school years who were excellent, others who were decent and then the handful who were downright dreadful.

The classes I was a part of with teachers who really invested in teaching the subject matters resulted in me becoming more interested in learning. When teachers found ways to engage me in an interesting and informative way, I developed a thirst for knowledge.

I credit these wonderful educators for my love of going to school each day.

And while I did have some teachers (and professors later in college) who were not exactly up to par, I appreciate all of those teachers that got me to realize the importance of learning and the value of a solid education.

Several of my teachers and professors became close mentors and provided me with invaluable guidance I continue to use in my life today.

I also credit these great educators for why I have always enjoyed working with children, spending time around their age of innocence and desire for knowledge.

In high school I volunteered with various community service organizations, spending time tutoring kids after school and visiting with children at a local orphanage.

I was also involved in Heller Service Corps at my university, helping children read in the book buddies program and participating in trick-or-treating and May Day events for underprivileged children.

In conjunction with one of my college courses, I helped as a teacher's assistant in a kindergarten class, working on lessons and making holiday crafts with kids.

Today, I continue my passion for working with children as a member of a community service organization devoted to bettering the lives of children in Rutherford County.

This week I was honored to participate in one of the group's projects by distributing brand new dictionaries to hundreds of third-grade students.

The gratitude of these students and their excitement to look up the definitions of their favorite words made me ecstatic.

They have that passion for learning, just like I did at that age.

So thank you to all of my teachers and professors throughout my years of education, to my friends who have become teachers at primary, elementary, middle and high schools and to the educators in Rutherford County who are continuously striving to teach our future generations the ABCs of life.