Letter to the Editor: Reagan out of touch

Jan. 20, 2013 @ 11:43 AM

Dear Editor:

I liked Ronald Reagan. His son is out of touch with reality. Regarding the latest massacre of school children, he talks about the Swill (not the real name) school where the officials and lobbyist send their kids and is safer.

He proposes having an armed guard at every school. Think about it. Having an (one, single) armed guard at a school of maybe 1,000 students and 75 rooms is useless. Conversely giving some psycho the challenge of taking down the Swill school is open game. Or, give the teachers license to pack a pistol ... that should wipe out a few students or potential visitors.

The problem is the media. They promote showing violence and killing. They encourage the publicity of violence. Journalism has gone downhill. Whatever happened to the yellow newspapers that purported the scandals?

They have been displaced by the daily rags plus the “Just in time” TV’s like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC that show the same incident over and over and over again. Violence breeds violence.

There is too much visibility about what is happening. We need more and less ... more of the good and less of the violence.


Richard Burke