I like my breakfast

Mar. 08, 2013 @ 05:08 AM

March 4-8 is National School Breakfast Week.

According to ABC News, this week was launched in 1989 to help promote and raise awareness for school breakfast programs.

Throughout my years as a student, teachers would always tell us that eating a good, wholesome breakfast would stimulate are brains and help us learn. When it came time for End of Grade Tests, a good breakfast was always on the list of things we should do to prepare.

My momma was a teacher but often times my daddy would take me to school, so I would get there too late to enjoy the school breakfast. I heard rumors of yummy breakfast pizza though. On occasion, I would ride to school with momma and head down to the cafeteria to see what they had to offer.

If you know me, you know I love food and breakfast is no exception. Although I usually don’t have time to eat breakfast now, I would never turn down a piece of bacon with some scrambled eggs. I like my momma’s crunchy bacon though, that flimsy stuff that they put on biscuits at fast food restaurants is not for me.

When I was in school, my breakfast of choice was always a chocolate fudge Pop-Tart. I was obviously very healthy back then.

Anyway, my momma would wake me up for school, and I would enjoy my Pop-Tart before heading out. I was never the type of person to eat both Pop-Tarts in the pack though. I always ate one and saved the other for the next day. One time when we were in high school my brother Andrew ate my last Pop-Tart instead of eating his cereal. I am not a morning person and I did not appreciate that at all, so lets just say that my hand met his face.

To this day he will look at me and say “Hey Erin, do you remember that time you slapped me in the face because I ate your Pop-Tart?” Yes Andrew I do remember and I am still angry.

In college I expanded my horizons and found Cracker Barrel. Here I found an amazing thing called apple butter that I don’t know how I lived without. I also learned the difference between country ham and sugar-cured ham. Who knew there were so many ham choices? And hashbrown casserole, all I can say is that stuff is amazing.

Since I have been working here I have tried even more breakfast foods. My coworkers have introduced me to livermush and bologna biscuits. Now I like food, but anything with the word liver in it sounds scary. I was very hesitant at first when Anthony Rollins, over in circulation, placed the livermush biscuit on my desk. But it wasn’t that bad and the mustard I put on it helped. I loved the bologna biscuit and I am planning on enjoying one of those again soon.

However, through all of the breakfast foods that I have tried, the best has to be the one my papa, my daddy’s father, cooks on Christmas morning. Pancakes, sausage and gravy, scrambled eggs... I swear I can taste it right now. That man knows how to cook up some breakfast. He cooks his food with love for his family, which is probably why it tastes so good.

I hope that this column has inspired you to take the time and enjoy some good breakfast foods. You know that you want to.