Time to move out?

Feb. 14, 2013 @ 07:46 AM

It's a strange dynamic to live away from home for nearly five years, then come back home when you find a job in the field you actually went to school for. Does that seem strange to anyone else?

It's been almost six months here at The Daily Courier and I'm still shacking up in the same room I was when I was getting my license and applying for colleges.

I love my family and living near them, and I especially like not having to pay rent, but maybe it's time to get out on my own again. If only it was that simple.

Now I love my job, I wouldn't trade it to anything else, but the paychecks make it hard to support the type of lifestyle a single 23-year-old guy would like to have in a perfect world.

I know I won't find a place with a pool, hot tub, man cave and of course, hardwood floors that I'm able to afford.

Living in Rutherford County is much more affordable than just about anything in Charlotte, but the places are still tough to find. It seems that every apartment community is for old folks and available houses don't exactly strike my fancy. I've come across a few that catch my eye, but nothing that I can afford by myself. Then I wonder if roommates are an option just to remember that I know very few people in the area, much less ones that are around my age and looking to stay in Rutherford County.

Let's be honest, Rutherford County isn't the most attractive relocation spot for young professionals. The one movie theater in town is on the verge of closing and the only social spots in town close at relatively early, especially considering my work hours.

The most intriguing social events for people like myself are probably Forest City Owls games, too bad those only happen for three months.

However, I would like to live nearby. My commute from Boiling Springs cost me roughly $200 every month. Finding a place where I'd only have to spend around $350 would be worth saving the cash and having my own place.

I'd like to find roommates and people that I could live with, but meeting people around here with similar situations is nearly impossible.

So this is a cry for help. All of you wonderful Rutherford County residents, let's kick off operation "House Travis Durkee."

Tell me where I can live and survive comfortably. Tell me where to find friends so when I make the move I don't spend all my time at the office or in front of my TV downing Doritos. Maybe I'll even find a roomie.

I'm enlisting the help of those that know the area best. Together, we can succeed.