Let’s play a game

May. 03, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Last week I wrote a column about my love for dolls.  It was actually my momma’s idea that I write the column. I often call her when I am out of ideas. She has always had a better memory than me.

She suggested that I write another column on games we used to play as a family. I thought it was a pretty good idea, so I started making a mental list of some of my favorite games.

Back before softball and baseball took over our lives, my family actually had some free time. We used this free time to try to beat each other in other games.  

One of the games we would always play was Candy Land. I’m sure that many of you have made your way through the Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain, only to pick up an unlucky card and be sent back to the Molasses Swamp. It was a fun game until my brother Andrew started losing. It was always all down hill from there when he started crying.

My family was always the most competitive with the game Trouble. Those are some of my favorite memories as a child. Usually, we would gang up and try to beat Daddy because he is the most competitive of us all. Daddy likes to rub it in when he wins, and we couldn’t let that happen.

When you popped the right number to land on someone, I say popped because the die was in a “Pop-o-matic” die container, you could send him or her back to start. That was always our goal and we would try our best to figure out how to always land on daddy.

It was always the same way when we played Uno, Momma, Andrew and I trying to figure out how to beat Daddy. We may have cheated on a few occasions because I don’t think trading cards to be able to make daddy draw four is actually allowed. But hey, it had to be done.

Andrew and I played several other games together like Splat the Bug, Hi-Ho Cherry-O and his Pokemon Master Trainer board game. He also tried to get me to play Monopoly, but I always lost interest very quickly. That game takes forever.

And then I have one word for you: Perfection. This was the game that could stress out any child. You had to fit all 25 shapes back into their spot before the timer ran out. If you didn’t put them all back in time, the tray would eject the pieces. The point was to help children with shapes, but nothing was scarier than the feeling you got when you knew the timer was about to pop. Talk about an anxiety attack.

Thinking about all of the fun I used to have almost makes me want to break out the board games for a trip down memory lane. I think a night of food, fun and games is in order. Who wants to have a board game night with me?