My Creative Balance

Mar. 27, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Today I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new digital camera that according to UPS should arrive by the end of the day. Believe me, the choice to make the purchase was not on a whim but more the result of much research and heavy convincing of myself that it would in fact offer more creative ways to further myself as a photographer and dare I say "artist."

I must admit it's been six years since my first day at The Daily Courier and I still don't know what I'm doing. But hey, I guess that's not totally a bad thing. It's been said, "When you think you got it all figured out and nothing left to learn, you should just quit because you're in the wrong mindset," don't think I have to worry about that.

I began my adventure as a "photog" in September of 2006 not knowing where the job would take me or what I might be capable of doing. Over these past years I have enjoyed some of the most diverse on-the-job training out there. From learning how to find that right shot, to knowing when to take it, and how to make it look good, everyday would continue to push and excite my creativity. I also have been privileged to work alongside a large cast of very talented individuals and friends most of whom over time have moved on from the fluorescent lit confines of the newsroom to other exciting chapters in their careers. The time spent with each of them as well as with the current new faces in their seats offer a degree of education to this profession that is hard to match.

But once the deadlines are met and all the work is in I return home to find myself facing a constant challenge, that of finding a creative balance between myself as an aspiring artist and that of a progressive photographer.  It's as if at times there are dual creative personalities at work simultaneously, both eagerly competing for my attention and offering tasty incentives as to why I should "stick with" one over the other.

I like to think one doesn't have to choose a side or declare a favorite, especially when the outlets both lend themselves to offering a way to express the imagination and interests equally. I know it can be tough at times with the creative mind's strict measuring system that often judges a "good day" or "progress" on what one actually accomplishes with the extra time available. That being said, it can be rewarding and healthy even to have other options with regards to creative interests. I allow myself to flip from "art mode" to "single shot" on a regular basis and although most of my day to day is set on automatic I never shy from experiencing life in manual mode.

In the end it seems there is no need to feel that you have to hold back or be afraid to add a new hobby or activity to the skill set that makes you... you and for now I am still content with my art supplies riding alongside my camera bag in the back seat.