What happened to 2012? It went fast, so Happy New Year 2013

Dec. 30, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

The only reason I know it's Dec. 30, 2012, is because the calendar says so.

Where did the year go and why did it seem so fast?

In two days, it'll be New Year's Eve and another year dawning.

Looking through the 2012 pages of The Daily Courier recently, it seems just like yesterday the news staff was heading down to Ellenboro on a Wednesday evening in January as a tornado had touched down, hurting people and leaving destruction in its path.

Folks were crying for help at the scene and their homes had toppled on them.

Now 11 months later, all family members are back in their respective homes; doing their routine chores, back at work and yes, still recovering from some of the injuries.

Financially, some are still reeling from the pain of the destruction.

I'll always remember the hundreds of volunteers who arrived at the scene immediately and came back for weeks. I'll also recall the small handful of volunteers who were still at the scene just a month ago, trying to help one last family back home.

Thanks for all you have done.

The news was bad and the news was good last year.

We can celebrate that at least 500 more jobs should be available in 2013 with the opening of Horsehead and Valley Fine Foods for people needing work.

Rutherford County remains desperate for jobs as our unemployment rate is still in the double digit figures, but it is improving.

The generous and good people have responded to the needs of so many who have needed home repairs, homes built, food to eat and places to stay.

Rutherford Housing Partnership, the nonprofit organization that repairs homes of low income, continues to do amazing work with a core of volunteers who just keep on keeping on.

Among some of RHP's volunteers are the Women Roofers, who made the national news in the fall when they were featured on CBS Evening News. Correspondent Bryon Pitts arrived in Rutherford County for the interview, climbed the ladder and sat on the roof for about an hour, asking them why they volunteer.

By the way, People magazine has also been here and we hope to hear more from them soon.

Volunteers have spent countless hours in all facets of life — making sure people had the necessities.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers are finishing four homes for new families and will undertake the tasks of building four more in 2013.

Volunteer firefighters, rescue personnel, traffic controllers and others who respond to every day medical calls and emergencies, thanks for your help. 

We congratulate every person who attained even one single goal in 2012 and encourage those who had the fortitude to try to set and reach professional and personal goals.

 Congratulations to whose who chose to keep looking ahead.

We said good bye to some of our favorite entertainers — good ole' North Carolinians, Andy Griffith, Earl Scruggs, Dot Watson; and cried with families closer to home whose loved ones wandered away and couldn't find their way back.

For every student, teacher and administrative staff member in our schools across Rutherford County, you remain in our prayers and on our hearts as 2013 begins.

We cannot forget Sandy Hook Elementary School and the aftermath of what that shooting has done to those innocent children and their families. We pray for your safety.

So as we say goodbye to 2012 and look forward to 2013, hoping for the best year ever — we'll try to tell your amazing stories, keep you informed of news pertinent to Rutherford County and share bits and pieces of every day life here — this place I call home.

Happy New Year.