Ready ... Set ... GO!

Jan. 01, 2014 @ 05:03 AM

Well it's 2014 folks.

Just typing that make me geek out a bit as I come from a generation of kids who remember when a dateline like that meant you were referencing a time where flying cars and advanced robotics were the norm.

But although "the future" is not as flashy or easy to recognize as we once thought it would be, there is still an awful lot to be amazed by.

From smart TVs that you can talk to, to cars that park themselves, phones that are powerful digital cameras first and foremost, and 3D without the glasses this truly is an age of innovation and technological exploration.

It excites me greatly to see that we, as a whole, continue to push ourselves forward in the fabrication of a future that can benefit all of mankind.

With 2014 underway one can only begin to anticipate what new amazing additions await us.

I've been told that the older I get the faster the years go by and it looks like that's proving to be true. But even at their swift pace, each year offers more than enough time to make new marks on this world.

As I said before it's very exciting to see all these amazing things being developed for consumer use, but I, like so many others are currently in that bottom percent who can only afford to watch, not play.

The dreamers, they're called.

Perhaps down the road, the point can be reached were opportunity will arise allowing me to finally "get with the times"; until then, I can only wonder what new things will be around by then.

I'm sure most of you reading this have a list of resolutions and goals ready to set into motion and for that, I wish you much luck.

I even hope to finalize a few myself for this new year.

There really is something neat about the new year. It, in a way, can almost can be compared to the shedding of a second skin or the molting of our outdated outer covering.

The new year offers a welcome fresh start, full of limitless potential and progressive choice in which we can transform ourselves both mind and body into what we want to be.

A starting line, if you will, for a race against ourselves to be our best. To make sure every moment counts and that we are doing all that makes us happy.

No matter what exciting or scary adventures await this year, rest assured in knowing that you have all you need to face them head-on and overcome with much grace and style.

Now, what are you waiting for... go make 2014 yours!