Christmas as an adult

Dec. 06, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Christmas breaks and vacations are now a thing of the past.

For the past 18 years I've enjoyed two-week and and month-long vacations around Christmas time while I was a student through college. Now, I'll be sitting in front of this computer on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

I won't complain since I don't have any extravagant family plans or travel plans to celebrate with my girlfriend, but I'm sure I'll miss the relaxation time that I once enjoyed.

IN past years I would mosey on home and relax the days and nights away and make plans with my other friends that were in town for the holidays.

We would get together at restaurants or each others home to enjoy a few drinks and reminisce about our younger, more innocent times.

I would retell the story of how myself and two of my good friends spent the first three days of our senior year in in-school suspension, or the night I loaded my father's truck with buddies to go see Tom petty in Charlotte just to find that tickets were sold out. It ended up okay though, we spent the entire night in the parking lot enjoying the sounds the escaped the amphitheater.

Those breaks gave me a chance to reintroduce myself to my mother's incredible cooking that I longed for during the first semesters of my college years.

I could sit with my father and talk or hours about how disappointing the Panthers were and what we thought the Yankees would do in the offseason to capture their next championship.

Then on Christmas day I would exchange gifts and have the next several days to enjoy them before I jumped back into a new semester and a new set of textbooks.

Things will certainly be different this time around.

I still plan to reunite with old friends and joke about how far we have (or haven't) come since our high school days, but I'm sure that time will be harder to find.

Hopefully on Christmas Eve I can finish up my work for the Christmas edition and hurry home in time to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate and get into bed before Santa lands on my rooftop.

On Christmas morning I'll wake up early to exchange gifts, call my girlfriend who will be with family in Massachusetts and get ready for work.

It won't seem quite the same as Christmas' past, it'll probably feel like just another day. But again, it's what I signed up for.

Maybe I should look into working at a bank.